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How to plan a socially distanced event

As lockdown eases, we begin to look forward to the time we can all safely enjoy events once again. It's hard to imagine right now but eventually events will go back to complete normality and COVID-19 restrictions will be a distant memory.

Looking to the not too distant future though, events will start going ahead under new restrictions, and precautions must be taken to keep you and your guests safe at your party or event. We've gathered our top tips on how to plan a socially distanced event that your guests will be talking about for all the right reasons!

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The great outdoors

Simply put, you should host your event outdoors if possible. As Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England explains, "it is absolutely categorically clear that outdoor spaces with higher degrees of ventilation are less problematic environments". If yours is a small event, consider hosting it in your garden or if the guest list is larger, look into fields or open spaces for hire in your local area. Open-sided gazebos are a great way to offer guests shelter or shade without increasing the risk and if it's a chilly day or evening event, fire pits or outdoor heaters will create a lovely ambience and keep your guests warm!

Keep your distance

Any points where there should be queuing should be marked with 2m distance indicators on the ground - entry to the event and ordering food or drink are prime situations for crowding. Some friendly signs and markers on the ground will help to keep everyone safe.

Spread out

Where possible, you should consider ways to help guests naturally spread out across your event. One great way is to opt for small bite street food that people can eat as they stand and move around, rather than sit in groups at tables.

Face masks

They're a common sight when out in public and the same should be true for your event. All staff should wear a face mask and gloves - especially anyone who is front-of-house and interacting with your guests. Your guests should be encouraged to wear masks too, for everyone's safety.

Keep hands clean

It's no secret that frequent hand washing is essential to keeping safe - we're all now painfully familiar with the happy birthday song. At your event, make sure there's plenty of hand sanitiser dotted around for people to use, particularly in areas where people may be touching the same surfaces such as at the bar or food service areas. Bottles of hand sanitiser strategically placed around your event will be gratefully received by your guests!

Only book the best

The best way to keep your guests safe and your event running smoothly is to make sure you only use highly professional suppliers who take their businesses incredibly seriously. Feast It only works with the top suppliers in the UK and all food and drink suppliers have hygiene ratings of 4 or 5 stars. On top of that, we'll be calling every suppliers before post-lockdown events to check that they have everything required to keep themselves and your guests safe.

If you have an enquiry with Feast It and would like a free event consultation with one of our team to talk through your options and the current developments in the event industry, you can book one here. If you haven’t enquired yet, tell us about your event and one of the team will be in touch soon!