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Street food interviews: Hugo Tracey of Los Churros Amigos

Los Churros Amigos have been serving up some of the most delicious desserts this country has ever seen since they were founded by the amazing Hugo Tracey back in 2013. Since then they've been spreading the churros love across the country and Feast It caught up with Hugo to try and work out the secrets to his sugary success.

Hi Hugo, so what inspired your decision to go into street food?

I was a churros virgin for many (too many) years. On tasting them for the first time it became blindingly obvious that there was a gap in the market as there were so few people doing it, I just had to get involved!

What are the most important things to bear in mind for chefs looking to get into street food? Is there anything that you wish you'd known before?

Don’t be tempted to scrimp on cheap equipment, get a loan from the bank and buy the good stuff. You’ll make your money back ten times quicker. If you’ve got no friends, you're in a perfect position to do street food. Unless you get them working for you, you won’t see any of them ever again as most weekends you’ll be out serving!


Why do you think that the London street food scene is thriving to such an extent at the moment?

I wouldn’t say it’s just London! Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol have all been kicking off recently. People like to get a quick bite and know that they are getting quality food that has had some thought go into it. It’s reached a tipping point where anyone who fancies having a go being self employed often see’s street food as an enjoyable job and sees it as something that is fairly easy to get going at, which it is.

Are there any food trends that are particularly exciting you at the moment?

Dim Sum on pizzas, gonna be huge!


Any street-food related funny stories?

We drove all the way to the Alps to do a student skiing festival and it turned out you can’t make churros (or bake cakes) at altitude because of the lack of oxygen! That was an expensive mistake...

What's the best tip that you ever received?

First and foremost, love yourself and everything else will take care of itself, and treat everyone like you would hope you to be treated (which is well I hope!)


The most delicious thing you've ever tasted?

Fundi Pizza’s are immaculate, Ed’s duck wraps from the Duck Truck is pretty special, Bang Wok do the best Pad Thai I have ever tasted and our churros aren’t too shabby either

Where can people find you?

Most festivals in the UK over the summer and lots of xmas markets over the winter. A permanent shop coming sometime this year in Oxford, keep your eyes peeled.