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The best late night street food for your event

Picture the scene at a wedding, it's 1am and your guest's stamina is finally starting to flag. The energy that came from the dinner at 8 is beginning to wear off and the dance floor's looking a little emptier than it did an hour ago. Essentially, you're getting to the dregs of the party and, unless your guests are delivered the sustenance for a second wave, it's game over by 2am...

And then, cresting some sort of hill, a food truck appears. Your well lubricated guests gather around in dire need of food and are plentifully rewarded with gourmet steak and chips, bacon butties, ice cream sandwiches or whatever it is that you've decided to go for. The party's back on and the dancing can go on until sunrise!

Here at Feast It, we're huge fans of the late night food option when it comes to events, so we've compiled a list of a few of our amazing traders who are particularly well suited to the graveyard/headliner shift. We hope it's of use!



STAKEhaus, fronted by the amazing Lily Bovey are all about one thing, serving up a little bit of the good stuff. Their delicious street food style bavette steak and chips is as good as anything you'll find in swanky London restaurant joints and comes in at a price that'll drop your jaw; vegetarians are also covered with their innovative courgette fries. There's no doubt about which part of the evening guests will be reminiscing about come the morning if you get these guys to roll up in the early hours.

See their Feast It profile and book them for your event here.

Le Swine


Gourmet Bacon Butties, served from a 1960s ambulance. Any more questions?

Every single part of their notorious butties has been homemade, from the signature milk and onion bap to the bacon butter and mushroom ketchup or tomato and horseradish sauce! As for the bacon, it comes from the happiest and healthiest fat piggies the country has to offer, served with a runny fried duck egg. Let's be honest, is there anything more British than late night bacon at a boozy party?

Check them out here.

Sorbitium Ices


Ranked in Time Out's '10 most lickable ice creams' and we're more than happy to attest! Sorbitium have created some of the most interesting flavours out there from Tamarind and Tequila Granita to Matcha Tea and Bronte Pistachio Ice Cream. Boring is not their thing.

They serve from their unbelievably gorgeous Citroen van and will bring out the child in your guests if you get them to roll up in the early hours!

Book them here!

Wholefood Heaven


For the more health-conscious out there, it doesn't get any better than the multi-award winning Wholefood Heaven. Their Buddha Bowl won the prestigious 'Best Dish' at the 2015 British Street Food Awards and, while it's more than a match for any meat dish out there when it comes to taste, it can give your guests the healthy kick they need to keep on going right on through the night.

Book them and their Buddha Bowls right here.

Dirty Burger


We genuinely feel like it's almost overkill to have to explain why you'd want Dirty and their world famous burgers along to your event for the late night shift. Fundamentally, the burgers are dripping, delicious and dirty and incidentally, David Bowie was a huge fan! If they're good enough for the Starman, they're good enough for your boozed up wedding guests!

Check out their prices and menu here