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The important questions to ask your wedding videographer

Hiring the right videographer can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your wedding. Their documentation of the day is something you’ll treasure permanently and a good videographer will make sure that you adore going back to watch your wedding film again and again.

Here we speak to the wonderful Harriet at Rosebud Films, who has shot at many weddings, to ask about the questions you should be asking to make sure that a videographer is perfect for you and your special day.

Robert & Natalie Wedding Highlights

from Rosebud Films on Vimeo.

What style do you shoot in?

Videographers tend to specialise in different styles, we for example shoot in a candid style, where we capture all the day of the event naturally as they happen. This style won’t require any intervention from the videographer and will be edited and polished based on the natural sequence of events. Another potential style is cinematic, where it’s similar to creating a movie, this can include adding in edits to create dramatic moods and subtle special effects to enhance the film. Others may offer a storytelling style, where they devise and tell a set piece story of the day, and will produce a highlights video, a shorter style focusing on the set pieces of the day. The choice is yours but it’s important to go for a style that you feel best suits you as a couple.

Does you understand who I am as a person?

A good videographer will be able to read into the personalities of their clients and to gain a natural insight into what styles will best suit them. As well as discussing what your exact video requirements are for the day, go into a bit of personal detail about who you are. What sort of music are you into? What do you get up to in your spare time? How did you and your partner meet? All of this will be valuable information for them to ensure they’re shooting the day just right.

Which parts of the day do I want shot

Is it just the reception and the ceremony that you’d like filmed or would you like your videographer to be at your bride prep, or even attend an engagement shoot? Of course this decision will affect the price, but it’s just as much about whether you’d like certain moments to remain private or not.

How many cameras will you be using?

One camera is absolutely dine, but having two people shooting means that you can get various perspectives of certain moments and make sure that fewer incredible moments are missed during the crazy fun at the reception!

Have they shot at my venue before?

It can be very helpful for a videographer to know the venue they’re shooting out so they can work out where the action’s going to happen! This is absolutely by no means a prerequisite, but if they’ve never shot at the venue before, it may be worth setting up with the venue manager, or someone who knows it very well, to have a chat beforehand and potentially let them have a look around.