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Feast It meets The Little Cocktail Box

The Little Cocktail Box is a mobile cocktail bar run from a converted 1982 Sinclair Horsebox. It’s based in East London but their unit is stored in Essex, so you can hire this lovely bar for events in London, Essex, Suffolk, Kent and Cambridgeshire! They specialise in high quality cocktails but also stock a full bar, keeping all your guests happy. Their cocktail menu features a few classics like the Cosmopolitan and Margherita, with some modern favourites like the Old Fashioned, Elderflower & Mint Collins and Aperol Spritz, alongside some of their own creations, like The Little Cocktail. Feast It wanted to find out more about this unique and charming horsebox bar, so we spoke to Sarah, who runs it with her husband Jono…

The Little Cocktail Recipe

Spiced rum
Agave syrup
Aztec chocolate bitters
Single cream
Burnt orange
Dark chocolate shavings
Crushed honeycomb

Shake the rum, agave, cream, bitters and a squeeze of burnt orange on ice and double strain. Finish the cocktail with dark chocolate shavings and crushed honeycomb!



The company was created in April 2017 and the horsebox conversion was completed in February 2018…

“Most of the thinking behind it was done on long car journeys while our baby was sleeping!”


The Little Cocktail Box is a husband and wife partnership between Jono and Sarah. Sarah’s brother Chris is their accountant and was instrumental in helping them get set up…

“We also have some great staff working with us at events including Ishu, Sam and Alex. Our little mascot is our daughter Grace!”

We asked Sarah how the idea to create The Little Cocktail Box came about…

“Jono has been working in the London bar scene for 10 years and during that time we had become passionate about having our own bar. After attending a few weddings on private land without bar solutions (meaning the hosts had to pay for all the booze themselves), we realised that we could design a solution that was perfect for that, and festivals too!”


Sarah and Jono remarkably still work at their day jobs whilst running The Little Cocktail Box. Jono manages a wine bar in central London and Sarah is the Data Protection Officer for a London council, bringing totally different and complementary skills sets to their bar venture.

“When we first dreamt about having our own bar we were on holiday and had this name in mind, Electric Mango! When it came to branding our company we realised this wouldn’t fit the brand we were creating. We wanted a name and logo that would make one of our unique features clear - that we worked from a horsebox conversion.”


At Feast It, we think that our traders values are a great indication of whether they would suit your event or not. We asked Sarah about the three fundamental values of The Little Cocktail Box…

Commitment to quality - The Little Cocktail Box only have drinks on their menu that they are really proud to serve.

Hassle free - Sarah and Jono ensure that they don’t pass on jobs by bringing their power source and organising the licenses themselves.

Affordable - They don’t pass costs on if they can avoid it. Their most common hire arrangement is a booking fee that is refundable when the bar spend hits £1,500.
Thinking of setting up your own mobile bar business but no idea where to start? Sarah told us her first 3 vital steps…

“The first and biggest step was establishing a viable business model. The next was deciding on a company name and brand, and the third was finding support to help us realise our dream - The Hungry Horsebox Company sourced and converted our horsebox.”


Of course, there’s always going to be a few bumps in the road…

“When we started we didn’t know how to tow! We initially wanted to avoid a full on towing course, but were really lucky that Sophie at SMH Trailer Training did such a fab job getting Jono up to scratch. He passed first time!”

Wanting to make your own cocktails at home? Here is Sarah’s piece of golden advice…

“Stick to high quality ingredients and shake it like you mean it! Ice is king.”


Finally, seeing as our traders are often multi-talented people, we had to ask Sarah about her and Jono’s favourite thing to cook at home…

“Flavour combinations don’t end at cocktails for Jono - he is known amongst friends and family as a bit of a chef extraordinaire! He loves a good side dish like his ‘Fat Boy Winter Greens’, which go perfectly with a beef roast and a smokey Old Fashioned.”


A huge thank you to Sarah for telling us all about The Little Cocktail Box journey and for sharing some great tips and signature cocktail recipe with us. This delightful bar and it’s delicious drinks are perfect for weddings and parties, so if you’re looking for a great high quality bar solution, make an enquiry about The Little Cocktail Box today!