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Top Festive Suppliers for Your Corporate Christmas Party

Tis the season to celebrate and we're here to take the stress out of your company Christmas party planning. Take a look at our top 10 suppliers, from food to photos, ready to take your festive celebrations to the next level.

Sweet Nothing Bakehouse

Got guests with a sweet tooth? Sweet Nothing Bakehouse are here to serve up festive delights from their cute trailer. Treat your team to mince pies, waffles, brownies and hot chocolates - tis the season, after all! Feast-It-Sweet-Nothing-Bakehouse-event-catering-street-food-truck-dessert-waffles-hot-chocolates-book-now-three

Humble crumble  

With a mission to recreate that nostalgia of every childhood crumble while adding a little something more grown up into the mix, Humble Crumble are always a crowd pleaser. With mulled wine served alongside their sweet treats, what more could you need?!

Swit Swoo Photo Booth

Handcrafted in the UK, the Swit Swoo retro photo booths are the latest in stylish, luxury photo booth entertainment and with beautiful backdrops, stunning Shimmer Walls and personalised neon signs. Capture some fun moments as your team lets their hair down! pylewell-park-a-new-wedding-venue-in-the-new-forest-hampshire-33

Le Rac Shack

Nothing says 'winter' more than a gooey raclette, and Le Rac Shack are the masters of melting! Their raclette cheese comes all the way from Annecy, near Lake Geneva, and can be melted over fries, sausages and cornichons. Delight your team with this delicious alpine dish!

Dinner Ladies

If you're looking for a more traditional table-service festive feast, Dinner Ladies are the one for you. One of our most popular suppliers, their fresh, interesting and globally-inspired food never disappoints. Feast-It-Dinner-Ladies-Asian-Food-Catering-London-Event-Supplier-Book-Now.jpg2

Wow churros 

Freshly made vegan churros, sprinkled with cinnamon and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce - what's not to love? Served from the Wow Churros beautiful Citroen van, it's the perfect centrepiece to any festive gathering!


Mulled wine, the Christmas classic. Book the experienced Cask team to set up your own mulled wine bar either indoors or outdoors to treat your team to a festive tipple. BAR3

Utter Waffle

With a mantra around serving posh waffles for adults, the Utter Waffle sweet and savoury menu certainly has a little something for everyone. Their savoury options use a unique technique of stuffing the batter during cooking, creating pockets of hot, molten filling. But it’s not all about their savoury options, as their sweet waffles are equally as exciting, and indulgent.

Plant designs

What's Christmas without a little greenery!? The Plant Designs team are available to install beautiful botanical installations to turn your office or event space into a winter wonderland!

Feast It plant-designs-78DSebxZkj


What better way to keep everyone fuelled up than with some late night hot dogs and burgers!? Started with recipes from granny's cookbook, Greenbox are the pioneers of plant-based food!