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London's top street food traders: get to know Toshka

If you haven’t heard of Toshka, you’re missing out. Anna and Matt’s delicious, healthy and filling food will turn any self-confessed meathead into a vegetable fiend. Since bursting onto the London food scene in 2016, it’s fair to say that anything and everything they have done has been well received, whether it’s a supper club, street food market or private catering. We were lucky enough to steal 10 minutes of Anna’s time to chat about her food influences.


Georgia Derry-Evans: Have you always been a foodie?

Anna Korenkova: Food has always been the cornerstone of my family. Having grown up on my grandparents' farm, I was always surrounded by amazing produce and was very involved in learning the ins and outs of each harvest while experimenting with each season's flavours. I definitely inherited the 'host' mentality from my Grandma - so naturally I'm a feeder. I pride myself on it now, but it does mean bigger reclining chairs when you're dining at our house.

Georgia: What do you like to eat when you’re at home?

Anna: Being part of the food industry means me and my partner Matt get spoilt on a daily basis when it comes to food. Food markets are a world of food swaps and tastings. It's amazing! But it does mean that when we're at home, we go back to simple recipes that take minutes to whip up. Our go to's include protein lentil bowls, scrambled eggs with feta smash and every now and then we make a mean berry mess (which is a personal creation that includes too many berries, yoghurt, crumbled biscuits and pecans) It's definitely a Summer must have!


Georgia: What piece of advice would you give a home enthusiast?

Anna: Challenge yourself! Don't be scared of creating something for the first time. You'll be surprised at how fun it is figuring out how to put things together and learn new skills. Oh and don't forget to have a killer Spotify playlist on.

Georgia: What was your favourite meal as a child?

Anna: Potato rostis with sour cream and sauerkraut. They're a household staple in Ukraine and always makes me think of cosy Winters with knee high snow outside.

Georgia: And your favourite foods to cook with?

Anna: As clichéd as it sounds, any fresh ingredients are always going to win my heart. When it's strawberry season, they're stacked in my fridge and I make everything under the sun with them in it. The same goes for veg that is bursting with colour and flavour. I love making colourful dishes so that always fun when selecting ingredients.

Georgia: What would we find in your fridge right now?

Anna: Cider, Sauerkraut, Dark Chocolate, Eggs, Milk and Quinoa.

Georgia: Sweet or savoury?

Anna: Don't make me choose!!! We all know how bad sugar is for us but it's so damn tasty...so I do treat myself every now and then. I'd have to go savoury from a long term perspective but my sweet tooth is always reaching for that brownie.

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Georgia: What is going to be the next big thing in the street food world?

Anna: I really hope people do more veg heavy and vegan options on the street. Simple flavours with more quality produce is what I'd love to see, but this is where the customer has to drive the demand and be willing to pay that little bit more for a healthy meal. It's always a struggle to bring amazing ingredients to people whilst still trying to meet the low price points that people have become so used to.

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