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Feast It feature: transform your office lunches

At the start of 2019, we teamed up with iTech to help them treat their team to a next level lunch every Friday, and it's been a huge success.


iTech's Friday Feasts

Over the past year, we have fed 120 iTech employees on a weekly basis, and we don't like to brag but many have said it's the highlight of their week! Let's be honest, free food is always a huge bonus, and especially when it's being cooked up by one of our amazing suppliers. Each week we source a new supplier to tickle the iTech team's tastebuds, ranging from pizzas to tacos and everything in between.

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Fresh food is prepared in their offices every week, and our suppliers clear everything up once they're done, meaning all the iTech team have to do is sit back and munch.

Greenbox Food Co BHF

Plan your office lunch with us

Feel like your team need a pick me up? Want to incentivise each and every one of them? We can help! Organise your office lunches wih us and watch the results unfold. Head here to find out more! Whether it's a one off, a monthly breakfast, or a daily lunch, we can sort it for you.