Feast It

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Gift some grub to perk up your team

Whilst your team are working from home, you may feel that you're struggling to keep morale up or you're feeling slightly disconnected from them. This is where our wonderful suppliers come in. We have numerous suppliers doing home deliveries, so what better way to keep your employees engaged than with a surprise sweet treat? Here's a list of some of our suppliers who will deliver the most delicious goods to your employees' homes!


Utter Waffle

Utter Waffle are masters at creating the freshest waffles with a famously fluffy batter, and they are currently available for home delivery via Deliveroo.


Sweet Nothing Bakehouse

Sweet Nothing Bakehouse are legendary at creating some of us the yummiest artisan baked goods in London, and their goods can be delivered right to your team member's door via the post. They also have excess brownies on offer and all the profits from these go directly to the NHS!


Crosstown Doughnuts

These famous sourdough doughnuts look, taste and smell insane, making them the perfect suprise gift. Crosstown go the extra mile to make your delivery look awesome as well as taste it, AND if you order midday it's free next day delivery! Seems like a no brainer...


Lovely Buns

This plant-based bakery makes delicious cakes and cookies, the perfect gifts for any vegan members of your team. Whether you're vegan or not, Lovely Buns products are 10/10 and their beautifully decorated cakes make for really thoughtful gifts.


So why not put a guaranteed smile on someone's face and surprise them with a delicious treat?!