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The best vegetarian street food to celebrate National Vegetarian Week

Happy National Vegetarian Week! In an ode to the veggie, we want to dispel the myth that the closest to flavour a vegetarian is going to get is a Linda McCartney sausage.

In fact, it seems like the tide is already turning in favour of plant-based, meat-free food - and rightly so! With the help of activations such as Veganuary, Talking Retail recently stated that 36% of carnivores are buying more and more vegetarian and vegan products. The UK is waking up to the potential and power of the humble vegetable and the street food scene is happy to supply.

We have partnered with some incredible vegetarian and vegan street food suppliers all across the UK - take a look at 5 of the best below!

The Taco Guy

Veggie tacos can be just as mouth-watering as their meaty cousins, and just as dirty too! The Taco Guy is king of the meat-free taco - his Crispy Cajun Cauliwings being a particular Feast It favourite. Imagine tender cauliflower florets coated in a delightfully moreish cajun batter and crisp Himalayan salted panko breadcrumbs fried until golden brown - delish. There's a reason PrettyLittleThing booked these guys up for their event for a bangin' taco time!

The Taco Guy JF

To find out more about The Taco Guy including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

En Root

With a focus on health, sustainability and well-being, En Root celebrates fresh seasonal vegetables, wholesome nutritious lentils and pulses, as well as unique Gujarati spices to deliver conscious nutritional joy. Their innovative, colourful menu consists of fan faves such as ‘Curry Inna Hurry’and the ‘Raja Wrap’ alongside some uplifting beverages including their refreshing Mango Lassi and Chai Oat Dream. You want fresh and flavoursome? You got it.

En Root JF

Want to learn more about En Root? Take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

The Green Grill

It’s a slice of sensational Granny inspo which propels The Green Grill’s crusade for affordable vegetarian and vegan food! Co-founder Ross’ Grandma spent a lifetime creating delicious vegetarian food and it was her legacy in combo with a whole lot of travel and love all things tasty that the colourful Greenbox was born. Top recommendation: the Red Devil Burger - a bamboo charcoal bun which encloses black turtle beans, red bell peppers and smoky barbecue sauce. Viva la veggie!

The Green Grill JF

To book The Green Grill for your next celebration, check out their Feast It profile HERE.

The Hippie Turks

The Hippie Turks serve up London's very best fully vegan Turkish food. They swear that really good food transcends stereotypes and that meat-free turkish food shouldn't just be bland salads! You’d be mad to miss their Vegan Doner; a handmade seitan delight served in their fresh sourdough pitta bread with homemade chilli sauce, garlic sauce and a fresh salad. It’s so delicious you’ll wonder why you didn’t turn to the veg side earlier!


For taste bud sensations beyond belief, take a look at The Hippie Turks HERE.

Yo Dough Brum

Yo Dough Brum are all about inclusivity and quality, which basically means knock-your-socks-off cookie dough for all! Lightly battered and deep-fried for a crisp finish, their cookie dough balls are packed full of guilty favourites such as caramel chunks and chocolate chips, topped with crushed biscuits, popcorn, fresh cream and anything else imaginable. Bursting with flavour, their balls of glory are a great way to celebrate National Vegetarian Week!


To find out more about Yo Dough Brum including their example menus and how to book them, take a look at their Feast It profile HERE.

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