Feast It

Wacky, wonderful wedding catering


After the I do’s and confetti lobbing, it’s only right to treat your guests to a couple of glasses of fizz and a couple of small tasty treats. It’s the best way to kick off what we all know’s going to be the best part of the day…

NEVER underestimate the power of the canapé; these small, delicious bites can keep everyone happy before the big wedding meal comes along. We recommend that you go for quantity here because there’s always going to be somebody hogging the waiter! Don't be afraid to break culinary boundaries, caviar bellinis were so last year didn't you know! Instead, bring the shores of the Seychelles to your wedding by booking the amazing Vinn Goute to serve up their delicious snapper bites with chilli jam. A sure way to put a smile on everyone's faces! You can read more about how our brilliant wedding caters can get involved with your wedding right here.



Here at Feast It, we're big fans of going for something a little less traditional when it comes to the main course. A great idea is to book large sharing platters for the whole table, so everyone can try a bit of everything and all tuck in together! It’s a great way to get the whole table talking and start sharing the love. When it comes to summer weddings look into a gourmet BBQ caterer who can spit-roast chickens for each table, just make sure you nominate someone to be the honorary carver for the day and your guests will be in for a treat!



Spoil your guests rotten with the ultimate when it come to puds! Feast It works with the very best dessert chefs who have really done their studies in sugar. If you want something a little more exciting than your three-tiered cake (or just to complement it/blow it out the water), book Bad Brownie for the gooiest, decadent fudge brownies around. Or if you’re feeling particularly devilish, hire Blu Top to make bespoke Ice-Cream sandwiches, a perfect pud in the British summertime. We work with a huge selection of caterers who can create a tailor-made menu just for your special day and you can check out our desserts right here!


Fuel Food

At the end of the night, when people have had one or ten too many, this is the time to start dishing out some fuel food. To keep the dance floor full, everyone needs a pick me up! We work with some cracking caterers who are the ultimate babes of late night snacking. We’re not just talking chips, we’re talking halloumi fries, the best hot-dogs around or even some freshly fried doughnut bites with chocolate sauce. Everyone will get their second wave and the dance floor will be booming! Check them out here!


Just For Fun...

For all those looking for something totally bonkers and unforgettable, take a look at Candy Mechanics. These new kids on the block have invented the ultimate event must have. Ever wanted an exact replica of your head.. made out of chocolate!? Yes please! It’s very simple. Step one: Candy Mechanics scan your head. Step two: as if by magic the 3D printer makes a chocolate mini you. Tried and tested by Feast It, this is something not to be missed. Does it feel wrong eating your own face-maybe? Do we care? Nope, it's delicious!