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What do the new guidelines mean for event planning?

We couldn't be happier to say that there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel as it was announced that social contact limits will be removed by June 21st. This means that unless there are further surprises in the battle against COVID, we’ll be seeing the return of events this summer.

Yes, that really means that it won't be long until we're dancing the night away with the people we love most and making memories that last a lifetime, and we don't need to remind you just how good it's going to feel.

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But if you're planning an event, you’re probably thinking about what your next moves should be. Here we paint a picture of what the landscape will look like and what your best options are. Here we go through a few points to bear in mind when it comes to planning.

August, September and October are a good bet for events

The government has indicated that the target for the return of events is June 21st, but have emphasised their 'data above dates' strategy. Essentially, they won’t be afraid to push this date back if there’s a slow down in the vaccination process.


If you’re unsure of the date of your event, we recommend looking to try and find a date that works later in 2021 if possible. Around 70% of events were postponed from last year, meaning there will be around 500,000 weddings taking place in 2021, which is double the average.

Remember, it's always free and simple to change your booking date or details with Feast It, and until June 30th, you can get your deposit back if you cancel 45 days or more before your event.

Don't take too long deciding on your suppliers

There’s about to be a rush on booking events suppliers which might not slow down for the next 12 months. Many suppliers are already fully booked for 2021, and the rest of 2022 will go fast.

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There are still brilliant options available for events this summer and next, but we recommend booking as soon as you can if you've got a quote from someone you really like the look of.

Now more than ever, they're likely to get snapped up by someone else!

Be careful about paying up front for suppliers There’s still a chance that events planned in July and August could be pushed back if the recovery slows. This means there's a chance you might have to move the date of your event if you're trying to book it for around June 21st.

You should avoid going directly to suppliers and paying the full amount up front. This is why Feast It have put in place our refundable deposit, to make sure your booking is always secure.

Get the invites out early

As well as suppliers being busy, it's not unlikely your friends will be as well! You should let them know as soon as you possibly can that you're planning on hosting because they'll be receiving invitations from all over the place.

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Think about making your event COVID safe

Many will still be hyper-conscious of the pandemic so it's worth making sure that you put measures in place that ensure people will be comfortable attending. Think about hosting the event outside, having hand sanitising stations and ensuring you're booking suppliers who will be experienced in COVID-safe guidelines, something that booking with Feast It should guarantee.