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Why your company should throw virtual socials in 2021

As the country goes back into lockdown, what's clear is that we're still some way off from the return of in-person events, meaning that virtual events are here to stay in 2021.

Life has been a bit topsy-turvy since March last year, and working from home, for many of us, has made a huge impact on the positive social interactions that come from working face to face with our team. A recent survey by Hubble showed that 75% of workers dislike the lack of interaction that lockdown has led to and are feeling alienated from colleagues. It's more important than ever for organisations to create opportunities for teams to spend time together and relax.

Here's where virtual events come into it. Long gone are the days where a quiz and Friday night drinks on Zoom were your only option. There are now scores of interactive virtual event options that will get your team together to let loose and build meaningful social connections. Here are a few reasons why you should be hosting regular virtual events until your team can get together and celebrate in person.

There's plenty to choose from

What's become clear is that virtual events should include an interactive activity if they're going to hold people's attention. Consider sending meal kits out to your team members and hosting a cookalong with a renowned chef (we have options from the likes of Pizza Pilgrims and Patty & Bun), or hosting cocktail classes with master mixologists, floristry lessons, candle making classes or a virtual escape room. And if you're looking for something bespoke, the team at Feast It can help find a supplier to suit your needs!


They're a great way to build team morale

As we go into another lockdown, we’re all hungry for worthwhile social interactions. A high quality virtual event is a great way to boost morale in a fun way that doesn't feel forced. Team bonding can lead to increased productivity, so finding regular ways to get everyone together is a win-win situation. An article by Forbes showed that companies with great work cultures can see productivity rise by around four times, and virtual team building activities are a great way to create and sustain a healthy working environment.

They're cheaper than the physical events you used to throw

Physical events are brilliant, but they're also not cheap when you factor in all the drinks, food, venue, entertainment and more. With the majority of virtual events your costs are limited to one aspect like buying the meal for a cookalong, a cocktail set or access to a virtual escape room. Prices can start from around £10 per head, but on average you'll most likely be looking at about £30 per employee, much cheaper than a physical event. You can see the results of a 'Terrainium' building class below!


You're supporting independent business

Events businesses have been hit as hard as anyone by COVID-19, and a survey that we conducted showed that events businesses have laid off around 60% of their staff, and 85% believe they haven't received adequate government support throughout the crisis. Events are a vital part of the cultural fabric of the UK and will be a big part of the country's spiritual recovery. Supporting suppliers will ensure we’re all able to enjoy incredible events on the other side of this.

Ultimately, you should be following the examples of Feast It clients such as Google, Amazon and Facebook and throwing virtual events for teams at least once a month, if not more regularly. If you're feeling unsure about what to do, you can read more about Feast It's virtual events here, and if you're thinking about getting one in the calendar, you can enquire through our form here.