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Why your wedding needs a videographer

Everyone knows a wedding needs a photographer, but many don't know how easy it is to have a professional videographer film the most memorable moments of the day.

The Feast It team speaks to many brides and grooms, and it often crops up that they regret not having a professional video of their special day, and we don’t want that to happen to you! Read on for all the reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding day.

Capture more special moments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. A videographer will capture the beautiful moments that you might miss yourself, from the smile on people’s faces as you walked down the aisle to the incredible dance moves that were coming out late into the night. Having everything caught on camera will make sure the memories last a lifetime.

Your guests will love to see the video

Your guests will adore a video reminder of your special day. They’ll love trying to spot themselves in the video, and in years to come, they’ll be able to look back and remember just how spectacular your wedding day was. It might even help inspire their own wedding!

Videography is cheaper than you think

Once upon a time, wedding videography could be very expensive due to the costs of the equipment involved, so couples often ruled it out as an option. Nowadays, the equipment is even better but costs significantly less, meaning that you can get a videographer at your wedding for less than you think. The average price tends to be around £1,500 for eight hours of filming, then edited into a roughly 40-minute final video.

You can share the video with anyone who couldn’t make it

If you have family and friends who aren’t able to make your special day, there’s nothing like a video to give them a real impression of what it was like. Who knows, the film might even be appreciated by those on the ‘nearlies’ list!