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Baked Bird

Gourmet Chicken Wings & Fries



Nut Free

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About Baked Bird

What Happened To the Chicken When It Crossed The Road? It Was Met By An Oven And Thus BAKED BIRD Was Born.

The love for the chicken wing runs deep within the family. All my life, I have eaten in so many chicken wing joints, from the gourme…

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I'm Soo Buff

Our secret spiced and herbed buttermilk chicken wing. Poured over with our homemade aged buffalo hot sauce Drizzled with our homemade blue cheese dip. Topped of with chives and black sesame seeds. Available as boneless strips and vings (cauliflower)

Kim's Gochu-Gang

Our signature flavour chicken wing. Spicy homemade Korean marinade. Drizzled with our own Korean mayo. Topped of with spring onions and white sesame seeds. Available as boneless strips and Vegan vings (cauliflower)

Mother Cluckin' Curry

Bringing our mum's curry to you. An authentic take on Sri Lankan curry drizzled on top of wings. Topped off with red onion and coriander. Available as boneless strips and vings (cauliflower)

Loaded Fries

Skin on French fries, loaded with boneless chicken bites or vings (cauliflower). Topped of with any of our homemade sauces.