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About Buckbuck Games

Team up for interactive games with live performers with Buckbuck games. The team at Buckbuck Games have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014, creating something really different and fun in a virtual space. 


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20 - 200 players, 4 - 8 entertainers, 90 mins game

You will meet and play with the folk of the Wonderland, tumble through the talents of live immersive performers and complete their missions to solve the mystery of the infamous rabbit-hole. The White Rabbit will spin you into the Dormouse’s tea party, Hatter’s haberdashery, Cheshire Cat’s nip-lab, Alice’s flower rave, the Smoking Caterpillar’s den or the Queen’s tart banquet. This game allows individuals or teams to meet Mr. Rabbit in his hole before spinning out to the other Wonderlanders to solve their curious clues and challenges.

10 - 60 players, 2 - 4 hosts, 90 minute game

Teams get five minutes in their breakout room to ready their pitch before presenting to Lord Sugarplums. Points will be scored for your team’s pitch performance and ideas, but while there is no ‘i’ in team, there is in ‘apprentice’. You’ll also get points for underhanded tactics in the Boardroom Battle. Brilliant ideas, teamwork, fast thinking and slick presentation skills may get overshadowed by a crafty colleague taking credit! At the end of the game, there can be only one Lord’s Apprentice!

10 - 200 players, 1 - 6 hosts, 90 mins game

Described as "Cards Against Humanity meets Cranium meets Shooting Stars!", you will link up and get stuck into some well earned team fun, hosted by a live nonsense quizmaster over 90 minutes. Grab a pen, a pad, and a cam to show your most imaginative answers. The Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense is ideal for a fun night of gaming with friends or strangers who are soon to become nonsense friends!

5 - 25 players, 1 - 5 actors, 90 mins game

Take on a perilous quest which promises to be as outrageous as your minds allow! Meet your live host online, choose bizarre heroic attributes, gather peculiar provisions, and prepare to embark on a ludicrously fantastical experience. In this realm you can be the hero you've always wanted to be, even if that is a warrior with deadly toaster hands!

5 - 25 players, live interactive performers, 90 mins game

Hit the nightclub of your dreams with your most dedicated squad in a quest to get your club banger played by the one and only DJ MEGABANTZ. Get on the good side of those who may aid your path in becoming the dancefloor master, if you can get past the doorman!

20-200 players - this is a live in-person 90 min experience!

Chase the Hatter’s trail of golds and win! Hilarious challenges and surprising secrets lay among the Hatter’s peculiar contraptions and puzzle boxes. Players who delve deep enough may well discover the infamous smoking caterpillar and his enlightening words of wisdom! This portable scavenger hunt / escape room is scalable to suit any space with your choice of 2 - 6 Wonderland characters. 90 minute sessions. Any venue, or London and Brighton partner residencies. “Clue hunting like i’ve never known it before. Brought out my inner Goonie!” Leon Simmonds - Soapbox Circus

25-150 players - This is a 60-90 min in-person Escape Room/Immersive Theatre hybrid

Bid, barter and blackmail in an immersive New Wonderland! Win golds by following clues, solving puzzle boxes, and completing missions. Meet and interrogate characters who may help or hinder your goal. What you do is entirely up to you – whatever it takes to find that Caterpillar! “A bonkers mashup of escape room, immersive theatre and improv comedy!” Designmynight

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