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Cheeky Pancakes Bristol

Mini Dutch Pancakes!


About Cheeky Pancakes Bristol

We are the Cheeky Team, started back in 2020 in Nottingham originally and have this year branched out to Bristol!

Our mini Dutch Poffertjes are made with with array of toppings from blueberries and bananas to biscoff and oreo, plus many…

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Fruity Pancakes

We offer blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas as standard! If you had a specific request for an event we can of course accommodate.


Treat yourself with the biscoff pancakes, biscoff sauce, pieces and squirty cream, delicious!

Cookies n cream

Oreo pieces with choccy sauce and squirty cream!

Triple choccy

White chocolate shavings, milk chocolate shavings and choccy sauce all chip in to make this dish a classic from way back- the triple choccy!

Cheese and Paprika

Try our savoury option made with a cheese engulfed ball of batter, topped with garlic butter and a sprinkle of paprika! Our personal favourite!


We stock all sorts of sauces, caramel drizzle, honey, jam,maple and golden syrup as well as hersheys chocolate drizzle and molten hazelnut chocolate! Alternative option of cheddar or red leicester cheese for our cheese and paprika! Marshmallows, lemon and sugar, icing sugar, cinnamon sugar.

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