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About Chida

Chida is an exciting mobile coffee cart hire service bringing coffee to the UK event scene.

The coffee bar brings a high street artisan coffee experience to private parties, weddings, film productions and corporate events.

Chida can be se…

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Flat White

The flat white - The argument to if its origins are New Zealand or Australia? Who cares!!! We make a mean flat white. A flat white is essentially an espresso-based drink that contains steamed milk. That much is probably already obvious. It is a no-nonsense option for those looking for a dairy beverage with a strong taste of coffee and is made with a small amount of steamed milk and a thin layer of microfoam. If you want a coffee that allows you to strongly taste the espresso but with the creamy mouthfeel of steamed milk, it’s a great choice. Yes it is different to a Latte.

Coconut Matcha Tea Latte

This is definitely something for the adventurous or hipster... Smooth and creamy matcha Tea sweetened just right and served with steamed coconut milk. This favorite will transport your senses to pure green delight.


The good old trust worthy cappuccino... you cannot go wrong here. Our well made cappuccino has incredible flavor and texture. It has a bold coffee taste and some sweetness from the naturally occurring lactose sugar in milk. You can flavor it with sugar or with flavored simple syrups we have available.

Iced coffees and iced chocolates

Especially for those hot days... Imagine your latte in ice and your hot chocolate with ice.. YUM

Herbal Teas

An assortment of fresh herbal teas

Good old fashioned cup of tea

It is what it is.

Barista made coffee

The list is endless. We have 12 years of making coffee so we can pretty much make any request.... to name a few Americano, Espresso, Doppio, Mocha, Flat white, Cappuccino, Latte and Babyccino. We have a selection of delicious syrups and a selection of dairy free milks (Coconut, Soy and Oat).

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