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Handmade Churros With Love


Dairy Free




About Churrazon

We serve fresh handmade churros, using a traditional recipe that just so happens to be vegan, too! Have them Mexican style with cinnamon sugar dipped in warm chocolate, or make your own sweet combination with our wild variety of melted dips…

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Churro Heart

Our signature heart-shaped churro, with a dusting of sugar and a drizzling of dip. Choose from classic cinnamon, sweet vanilla or pink raspberry sugar (pictured), plus a delicious variety of dips!

Dips and Toppings!

Choose from our uniquely delicious range, or get in touch to customise your colours and flavours to suit the occasion! We serve melted Belgian milk, white or dark (vg) chocolate, caramel, pink strawberry chocolate, creamy chocolate ganache (vg), pistachio butter, peanut butter, raspberry confetti (vg), passionfruit confetti (vg), biscoff sauce (vg), and condensed milk. Dips can be marbled and mixed to create a wild variety of flavours and colours to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Popcorn Churros

Our traditional vegan recipe, bite sized! These are delicious on their own with one of our three delicious sugar dustings: classic cinnamon, sweet vanilla or pink raspberry. Also great for sharing or testing our ever-expanding menu of dips and toppings!

Classic Churros

Rustic handmade churros with your choice of sugar and dip. Choose from classic cinnamon (pictured), sweet vanilla or pink raspberry sugar. Then add melted chocolate, caramel, nut butters, ganache, or fruit confetti (pictured).