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About Curry Love Streetfood

We are a Brighton based streetfood caterer providing colourful plates of food that taste as good as they look. The inspirations that shaped our own street-food business came from experiences travelling both abroad and closer to home; Curry…

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Punjabi Chole Masala Thali Tray

Chickpeas, caramelised red pepper, red onion and courgette in a warming aromatic curry using a classic tomato-onion masala that fuses Indian and Persian flavours within the spice mix. Served with rice, rainbow slaw, raita, samosas and our very own Curry Love pickle. Thali trays come with two to four additional sides which can be discussed to create a bespoke menu. Pictured is the rainbow slaw, smoky pineapple pickle, samosa and apple raita option.

Makhani Curry Thali tray

Rich and creamy tomato based curry with toasted paneer, red pepper and squash and pomegranate. Pictured with sweet pupusas (Central American flatbreads), lemon Achar pickle, black dhal, coriander yoghurt and coconut chutney.

Pumpkin/Tofu Katsu Curry with rainbow slaw (vegan)

Breaded fried strips of marinaded tofu or pumpkin served with a fruity homemade Katsu curry sauce and a sweet hot edamame slaw.

Loaded Shawarma (vegetarian)

Marinated vegan tenders, mushrooms, green pea houmous, red onion, our homemade Curry Love pickles and crunchy salad. Served on a flatbread with garlic mayo and a dash of chilli. This a popular dish for outdoor events as can be rolled up in the flatbread and provides a hot hearty dish for busy people.

Tandoori Fritters with a Pea and Yoghurt shot (vegan)

Tandoori chickpea and corn fritters skewered with pickled vegetables and served over a pea and mint raita shot. The flavours of this dish and the presentation make this very popular for indoor meals that focus on the attention to detail. One of our favourites.

Peshwari Arancini (vegan)

Our twist on an Italian classic with and almond, coconut and raisin filling. We have been asked time and time again for this on lunchtime event menus - they are so delicious and couple perfectly with our coriander yoghurt.

Beetroot Malu (vegan)

A Sri-Lankan inspired curry, the simplicity of the Malu perfectly combines the flavours of beetroot, toasted cashew, caraway and coconut. This is a dish that's as beautiful to serve as it to eat (although just don't spill it down your top).

Empenadas (veg or vegan)

Colombian fried corn patties filled with cheese and black beans (vegetarian) or spiced lentil and tomato (vegan)

Corn Ribs (vegan)

Char-grilled ribs of corn marinaded in sweet Doenjang sauce served with vegan mayo and lime

Sunset Bhajis (vegan)

Our take on the Indian classic: beetroot, red onion and caraway fritters served with fresh coriander and raita and smoky pineapple pickle.

Queso Frito (vegetarian)

Fried sticks of Halloumi served with lime and a sweet tamarind sauce.

Sweet Miso Aubergine Fritters (vegan)

Aubergine marinaded in sweet white miso, honey and sesame oil, fried in breadcrumbs with a wasabi vegan mayo and lime garnish.

Buffalo Open Tacos (vegan)

Cauliflower in a spicy Gochujang marinade fried and served in a wheat-flour wrap on a bed of leaves with fresh lime and dill vegan mayo.

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