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EL Chiringuito Uk

EL Chiringuito UK


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About EL Chiringuito Uk

I am a well-trained professional Chef who studied an AOS in Culinary Arts Management in Spain. I also count with over 20 years’ experience holding executive chef positions in Spain, Italy, France and the UK.

I opened my own business 5 yea…

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Mature cheddar cheese , red onions in sourdough bread


Mozzarella/Mature cheddar cheese,spring onions ,tomatoe , home made green pesto , and basil in sourdough bread


Mature cheddar cheese, spanish chorizo, caramelised onions in sourdough bread


Mature cheddar cheese.,smoked maple bacon , rocket , american mustard and caramelised onions in sourdough bread


Mature cheddar cheese, grilled chicken with home made chipotle sauce ,and roast peppers in sourdough bread


Goat Cheese , walnuts , truffle honey , rocket and homemade apple chutney in sourdough bread


Mature cheddar cheese, Argentinian top-side stake, homemade chimichury , roast peppers and aioli souse in sourdough bread


4 Cheeses :Mature cheddar cheese , Stilton cheese, soft cheese , mozzarella cheese , truffle oil and chestnut mushrooms in sourdough bread

Seafood Paella

Mix of deluxe seafood : calamari , prawns. shrimps, muscles, octopus,clams ,squid, roast peppers and onions , homemade tomato souse ,home made fish stock

Mix Seafood /Chicken paella

Mix of seafood : calamari , prawns. shrimps, muscles , chicken, roast peppers and onions , homemade tomato souse ,home made fish stock

Mix Meat Paella

Mix of chicken , beef , lamb , pork and chorizo , peppers , onions , home made tomato souse, home made beef stock.

Chicken Paella

Fried chicken wings in olive oil , peppers, onions , green beans , home made tomatoes souse , home made chicken stock

Pork paella

Pork loin , cumberland sausages, Spanish chorizo , peppers , onions , home made tomato souse, home made pork ribs stock.

Vegi /vegan paella

Seasonal vegetables , cauliflower , broccoli , mushrooms, carrots , courgette , aubergine ,peppers , onions , home made tomato souse, home made vegetables stock Seasonal vegetables , coliflour , brocoly , mushrooms, carrots , courguette , auvergine ,peppers , onions , home made tomato souse, home made vegetables stock

American Hotdog

Classic american hotdog , red onions , american mustard

German Frankfourt

Frankfurt sausage , sauerkraut, crispy onions ,mustard and pickles

German Bratwurst

Bratwurst sausage , gherkings pickles , crispy onions , mustard

British Cumberland

Cumberland sausage , caramelised onions , cheddar cheese and smokes maple bacon

Spanish Chorizo

Chorizo from Pamplona, green leaves, roast peppers, chimichuri and alioli

Cheto Steak

Rib eye steak , caramelised onions , green leaves , aioli, rost peppers and homemade chumuchurry in ciabatta bread

Red Cheto

Argentine top-side , home made red pesto , crispy onions , aioli , rost peppers green leaves in ciabatta bread

Pork Cheto

Collar neck steak , caramelised onions, honey mustard , green leaves , pickle peppers in ciabatta bread

Vegy Cheto (vegetarian option )

Fried halloumi cheese , onion chutney , home made hummus , roas peppers , rocket homemade spinach mayo in ciabatta bread

The one Burger

120 gr Angus meat patty , porcini mushrooms , slow cooked brisket , gherkins crispy onions and truffle mayo

No guilty burger

120 gr Angus meat patty , Green leaves , caramelise onions,roast peppers , chimichury and homemade aioli

Pulled burguer

120 gr Angus meat patty, caramelise onions , pulled pork ,cheddar cheese , smoked bacon and white BBQ Sause

Chicken burguer

Marinated Chicken Thais , rocket , fresh tomatoed , chipotle/buffalo mayo

Halloumi Burger

Fried Halloumi, home made red hummus , onion chutney , green leaves , roast peppers and spinach pesto mayo