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En Root

Indian-Inspired Vegan Cuisine






Gluten Free

Nut Free

Dairy Free

About En Root

With a flagship restaurant in South London, En Root caters any event with our glorious food truck, market stall set up or on site experience. With a focus on health and well-being, En Root celebrates fresh seasonal vegetables, wholesome pul…

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  • Raja Wrap

    Our signature filler with a multitude of flavours, textures and colours. Raw rainbow salad, refried daily dhal, bhajia falafel & avocado. Wrapped & toasted

  • En Root Select (Perfect Platter)

    Our most popular and best recommended; also gluten free. Golden Rice, Vegan Curry inna Hurry, Daily Dhal served with Raw Rainbow Salad, Avocado & Bhajia Falafel

  • Dhal Avocado Crumpets

    Our curious creation combining our concept. Toasted crumpet topped with refried Daily Dhal and sliced avocado


  • Pani Puri

    Mini filled baskets served with masala water. One bite flavour explosion! Filled with beetroot, onion, chickpeas and pomegranate, Pani Puri is an engaging, tasty crowd pleaser

  • Veg Samosa

    Filled with peas, potato and lentils alongside Coconut Raitha and Mango Chutney for dipping

  • Veg Pakora (GF)

    Be it onion, cauliflower, mushroom or broccoli, we chickpea batter them and serve with Raitha & Chutney

  • Poppadoms (GF)

    A twist on this essential cracking start to your soiree. Mixed gluten-free flours and still got crunch. Served with Chutney and Raitha for extra flavour


  • Cacao Chai

    Creatively creamed and authentically spiced

  • Mango Lassi

    Our speciality mango madness with coconut and cardamom all without the yoghurt

  • Young Coconuts

    Fresh coconuts cut live and direct to provide that isotonic hydration and electrolyte top up

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En Root serve from a 6.5m x 2.3m food truck or 3m x 3m market stall

Estimated set up time is 1 hour