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Good Vibes Coffee

Fresh craft coffee on the go

About Good Vibes Coffee

Premium, barista coffee, speciality hot chocolate and more! Covering Suffolk and all over East Anglia (and beyond if required!). Freshly served from our converted, self-built 1977 Peugeot J7 van.

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Coconut Flat White

One of our personal menu favourites is the coconut flat white. Level-up your coffee experience with this non-dairy alternative. The coconut add's a slight sweetness to the experience, and really compliments the chocolatey tones of our coffee.

Hot Chocolate Melt

When it came to hot chocolate, we wanted to go beyond the powdered options. We offer a choice of milk, white and dark chocolate, which are real flakes of luxury belgian-style chocolate, all from single-origin cocoa beans, and melted into steamed milk. All of the hot chocolate options are gluten-free and available with non-dairy milk. The dark chocolate however is the only fully non-dairy chocolate option (but tastes incredible with the coconut milk!)

Dark Chocolate Mocha

If you're torn between coffee and chocolate why not go for both? Our dark chocolate mocha is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. In fact, why not have it with coconut milk instead of dairy to get the ultimate experience!


That age old Italian classic! A double espresso topped with hot foamy milk and finished with dark chocolate flakes (optional). Available as non-dairy too.


By far the most popular drink we sell. The Latte is a smooth and creamy 'milky coffee', topped with a fine micro foam head, the perfect balance of coffee and milk for those who don't like the rich and intense flavour coffee can bring. We also offer a range of flavoured syrups, such as caramel and vanilla, which are both a great addition to the latte experience.


Sometimes you just can't beat a good cup of tea! We carry a range of tea on board for those moments. From the classic English Breakfast brew to Earl Grey, Rooiboos (Red Bush), Green tea, mint and other herbals tisane's we will try and hit that spot for you, made to exactly how you like it.