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Classic Hong Kong food & drink


About HOKO

Hong Kong Cafe HOKO takes a creative and modern approach of the classic HK food menu from 1950s, that traces its origins to British colonial rule in the 1950s.

Our energetic team at HOKO represent a mission to share authentic Asian flavour…

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Hong Kong French Toast

Deep fried toasts sandwiched with peanut butter, topped with maple syrup and thick slub of butter

HK-styled Crispy Fried Squid Tentacles

Deep fried squid tentacles, sprinkled with Chinese spiced salt seasoning , fried shallot, garlic, coriander, fresh chili and lemon juice

Soy Mochi HK French Toast

A modern interpretation of deep fried HK French toast with soft chewy mochi filling, seasoned and lightly burnt with a sweet and savoury soy sauce glaze and wrapped in a crispy piece of seaweed

Dirty Ovaltine HK French Toast

Deep fried HK French toast with buttery milk lava, ovaltine powder topping and biscoff crumbs

Salted Egg Yolk HK French Toast

Deep fried HK french toast with salted egg yolk lava, cheese cream and crispy pork floss

Triple Chocolate HK French Toast

Deep fried HK french toast with Nutella filling, cocoa pops, cocoa nibs, lemon zest

Ham & Cheese HK French Toast

Deep fried HK french toast with ham, cheese and honey

Hong Kong Milk Tea (Artisan brew)

Hong Kong’s take on the classic British tea with milk and sugar. A rich, full-bodied blend of different black teas with evaporated milk, and a silky, velvety smoothness.

Hong Kong Yuen Yeung (Artisan brew)

Coffee meets tea. The drink offers both the rich and creamy milk tea taste and the irresistible aroma from the coffee - marrying the two seamlessly together.

Hong Kong Lemon Tea

Ceylon black tea with fresh lemon slices, one of the three Hong Kong Cafe classic.

Lychee Ice

Refreshing tropical drink with lychee

HK Red Bean Ice

Childhood memory drink - Sweet red bean with milk and evaporated milk.

Pineapple Ice

Refreshing tropical drink with pineapple