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Italian Recipe

Light and delicious Patisserie


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About Italian Recipe

Hi, I’m Luca, Italian Recipe’s founder.

In 2015, I realised you could easily find a good pizza or pasta but not a proper Italian dessert. So I decided to leave my job as a chef in a fine restaurant to fulfil my wish opening Italian Recipe…

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The most famous Italian dessert in the world! Our one praises the Great Taste star for the year 2019 and 2020 as well. It was born from the perfect match with mascarpone cream and a ladyfinger dunked in coffee. The secret is to balance the sweetness of the cream and the bitterness of the biscuit. We offer them in different flavours (Classic, Dark Carribean Rum& 70%Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Gianduia) and sizes.

Panna Cotta

A simple dessert with simple ingredients: whipping cream, sugar and vanilla that give life to a delicious dessert. We offer in addition to the classic version also the chocolate one, with a mousse-like texture, and the pistachio one. It can be served plain or with mixed berry, straberry or salted caramel coulis on top.

Sicilian Cannoli

The sweet of the Italian tradition per excellence. Known all over the world, they stand out for their crunchy shell filled with soft sheep ricotta cream and icing sugar on top. We offer them in 6 different flavours (Classic, Pistachio, Chocolate chips, Caramel, Hazelnuts and Orange&Lemon) and 2 different sizes.


Our sfogliatella made with a crunchy puff pastry and filled with ricotta cheese, candied orange and sugar is perfect for breakfast, after lunch or as a dessert after dinner.


The biscuits of the Florentine tradition. Classic double-baked biscuit. Crisp and crunchy, we propose the version with almonds and hazelnuts.

Sardinian Amaretti

Sweet and soft, gluten and dairy free, almond biscuits. We let the Great Taste judges, who gave our Sardinian Amaretti 2 stars, describe our product: “Delicious! Technically faultless. The taste is divine. Lovely crisp outer shell, with a small layer of marzipan type almond filling, adjacent to a lovely moist but crumbly almond centre. Gorgeous crystallised sugar casing, which is not too sweet. A lovely hint of lemon is coming through which gives this biscuit the lift it needs to be a standout.”


Biscuit from Sardinian tradition. It is the perfect companion for every breakfast and why not even for a tasty snack during the day.


Celebrate your Holidays in the best Italian tradition. Wherever you are, we bring to you the right Christmas atmosphere with our artisanal handmade sourdough Panettone. It is a towering round of fluffy, classic Italian sweetbread, speckled with raisins and citrus, with a plush, the buttery texture. We bake it in 3 different sizes (Mini, 500Gr and 1Kg) and in 3 different flavours: Classic, Chocolate (1Kg only) and Pear&Chocolate (1Kg only)


Pandoro is another traditional Italian Christmas cake. It is made from a rich, eggy dough, explaining its name of “golden bread.” The cake is baked in an eight-pointed star-shaped pan that gives it its signature form. We offer it in 1Kg size.

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