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Little Leaf

Vegan Pizza

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About Little Leaf

Little Leaf are committed to delivering the best possible pizza freshly baked in front of you. They offer an amazing plant-based menu that includes vegan meat substitutes like Smoky Pepperoni or Spiced Chicken and our signature sauce, the l…

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You can't beat the classic! Sourdough base, rich tomato sauce, herbs and melted Sicilian vegan mozzarella!


People's favourite truffle pizza! Sourdough with a creamy base of garlic aioli sauce, Sicilian vegan Mozzarella, mushrooms, roast potato, rosemary all finished off with Italian truffle oil

Pepperoni's Pizza

Kids number 1 choice , the perfection of a Margherita topped up with mouthwatering slices of Smoky Vegan Pepperoni (spicy option available)

Mambo Italiano

For those in need of something to remember! Sourdough base, rich tomato sauce and herbs, topped up with vegan Sicilian mozzarella, mushroom, spinach, black olives, sundried tomatoes, and our beloved artisan pesto