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Los Tacos

Halal Mexican Taqueria

Dairy Free


Gluten Free

Nut Free



About Los Tacos

Founded in the summer of 2020 Los Tacos is a family run taqueria, serving up halal Mexican food to the streets of London.

Trading across local markets, we take pride in serving up delicious, fresh and authentic Mexican flavours that can b…

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packed with salsa rice, black beans/ grilled chicken/ cilantro beef/ prawns and a variety of homemade salsa and salads


a cheesy treat loaded with grilled chicken/ cilantro beef, served with our homemade sauces and salads


filled with any of our grilled option (chicken/ cilantro beef/ prawns), topped with our homemade salsas

LoadedBurrito Bowl

served on a bed of tomato salsa rice topped with any of our grilled options (chicken/ cilantro beef/ prawns/ peppers&onions) and finished with our homemade salsa and salads