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Mai Dim Sum

Mai Dim Sum



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About Mai Dim Sum

The Mai Dim Sum team has created a contemporary gourmet, dim sum focussed menu. Our menu is simple, creative, fresh and delicious.

All of our dim sum are handmade. Our head dim sum chef worked at internationally renowned Hakkasan Group…

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Prawn and Bamboo Har Gau

Delicious, plump, prawn and bamboo Har Gau, using high quality prawns and only the top part (best) of the bamboo. We have increased the normal size of these to ensure a generous flavour of prawn in every mouthful!

Pork and Prawn Shui Mai

Our towering Shui Mai contain high quality 60% pork and 40% prawn. We finish them on top with a scoop of Tobiko caviar, for a burst of flavour, with each dumpling.

Scallop and Chinese Leek Dumplings

We wanted a big impact of scallop in these dumplings, so whilst there is scallop in the mixture, we also slice a whole scallop in three pieces to place on top of each dumpling in the portion. The leek balances the flavour fantastically.

Duck and Butternut Squash Dumplings

Using our delicious roasted duck, we fry with sweet butternut squash, three types of mushrooms, spring onion and some pepper. We then wrap in our beautifully pink handmade skins before topping with red caviar for a burst of flavour.

Shanghai Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings

We use corn-fed chicken thigh meat in our large fried dumplings. We also add a small amount of prawn to create the right texture.

Sweet Char Siu Bao - Honey Slow Roasted Pork

We use ten different spices in our marinade and then slow roast the pork in honey before encasing in our amazing Bao

Baked Venison Puff

Our tender venison is marinated in black pepper, sweet red onion and char siu barbecue sauce, then wrapped in buttery puff pastry, topped with sesame seeds and baked. A deliciously naughty treat.

Sesame Prawn Toast

The prawn is King so in each prawn toast, we have 33g of high quality prawn served on a slice of bread with a hint of garlic. A real mouthful of prawn and extra delicious with a touch of our fresh chilli sauce.

Vegetable crystal dumpling -Vegan

Wrapped in our golden yellow handmade skins, we mix fresh mushrooms, sweetcorn and baby-corn for a deliciously balanced vegetarian dumpling

Mushroom and Bamboo dumpling -Vegan

Our masterfully pleated green leaf dumplings contain shiitake and straw mushrooms mixed with sweet carrot and bamboo. Definitely the prettiest dumpling in our range!

Black truffle spring roll -Veg

These deliciously light, crispy, non greasy spring rolls are filled with shiitake mushroom, carrot, sweet flat cabbage and balanced beautifully with black truffle infused oil without overpowering the mixture.

Pan fried veg dumpling -Veg

Our newest addition to the vegetarian dumpling family. Our filing is made from sweet butternut squash, egg and rice noodle. This one has unanimously passed the taste test to add to the list!

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