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Monsieur Bou

Modern Mediterranean Food



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About Monsieur Bou

A culinary studio offering reimagined Mediterranean food. Monsieur Bou's philosophy is that each event is treated as a unique experience, and as such, a tailored menus is devised based on the client's desires. Monsieur Bou, the chef, was bo…

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Jerusalem breadsticks

Tradionnaly served as elongated bagels, I like to shape the bread as a stick, making them easier to eat. The crunchiness of the sesame balances the softness of the flavourful dough.

Garlic confit labneh

The sweetness of the garlic confit complements the tartness of the labneh making this revisted Lebanese classing a real crowd-pleaser.

Shawarma Brisket

East meets west. Cooked sous vide for 72 hours, the brisket is very tender and juicy while the shawarma spices cut through the sweetness of the meat.

Harissa baked cauliflower

Carefully selected whole cauliflower smothered in a special harissa recipe and baked to crisp perfection. Served with our specialty tahini soya sauce.

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