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Muchi Desserts

Delicious Mochi Desserts



About Muchi Desserts

At Muchi, we’re set out to celebrate the amazing Japanese mochi. We’ve been blowing our customers’ minds at farmer markets since December 2021 with our range of delicious, innovative mochi-based desserts. - Mochi cups: fresh butter mochi se…

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Original Mochi Brownies

Our deep, dark, ultra-fudgy cocoa brownies - topped with luscious butter mochi. Made with real butter and natural cocoa powder for a vibrant flavour.

Mango & Brown Sugar Mochi

Inspired by the famous Kulfi, we paired sweet mango, warm brown sugar and spiced it up with some incredibly fragrant green cardamom. A taste that's worth swooning over.

Haiwaiian Coconut & Butter Mochi

Hawaiian-style mochi (a.k.a really delicious baked mochi with real butter and coconut milk). Sprinkled with toasted nuts for that extra oomph.

Mango & Brown Sugar Mochi Cup

Butter mochi with soft mango & brown sugar cream, Kesar mango sauce and gingersnap snow

Coconut & Lime Mochi Cup

Butter mochi with coconut & lime liqueur cream, coconut & lime sauce and toasted triple nuts

Banoffee Cheesecake Mochi Cup

Butter mochi with caramelised banana cream cheese, sticky toffee sauce and shortcake crumbles

Matcha & Red Bean Mochi Cup

Matcha butter mochi with red bean cream cheese and matcha kinako

Berry Blossom Mochi Cup

Butter mochi with hibiscus & seasonal berry whipped cream, almond flakes and freeze-dried strawberries