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About Onigo

At Onigo, we design and deliver playful experiences that bring colleagues together, build teams and boost happiness.

We specialise in team building and team celebration games and activities, offering a range of different themed experience…

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The Atlantean Chest

A mysterious chest has been recovered from the bottom of the ocean and now it’s a race to see which team can open it first! Your team must solve a series of cryptic puzzles from an Ancient Greek manuscript rumoured to hold the key to unlocking the treasure…

Riddle of the Dragon

This medieval fantasy themed experience sees teams embark on an epic quest to banish a terrible fire-breathing dragon! Playing in teams of 4 - 8, you must solve a series of cryptic riddles to reach the dragon’s lair and save the kingdom before it’s too late...

Operation Firewall

A devastating cyber attack is about to be launched by a criminal organisation known only as 'The Main Frame'. Playing in teams of 4 - 8, you will embark on a mind-twisting mission to find a series of clues hidden on the internet in order to infiltrate their firewall and stop the attack!

Virtual Christmas Escape Room: Save Our Santa!

This year, Santa Claus is NOT coming to town. He's been kidnapped by the evil Sam_X and nobody knows where he is being held. Well, nobody... except you and your colleagues! With Christmas morning only an hour away, your team has just one mission: Save Our Santa! With festive clues, terrible puns and a whole load of laughter...this is the perfect way to bring remote, hybrid and international teams together this festive season.

Virtual Festive CSI Experience: The Holiday Heist

The holiday season is meant to be a time for giving and joy. And no more so than at Halfridges; the world’s most famous department store! But this year, an audacious heist has threatened to ‘rob’ everybody of their festive cheer and it's up to you to save the day!

Outdoor Adventure Game: The Eldritch Code

The eccentric Lord Eldritch was rumoured to own an incredible hoard of priceless artefacts. Now only a trail of clues stand between you and their possession. With the clock ticking, teams will need to think smart and work together if they're to get their hands on his most valuable treasures... Fun and frenetic, this experience takes you on an outdoor adventure in stunning Hyde Park, London.

Outdoor Adventure Game: The Gemini Murders

Turn on the TV, log onto Twitter, everybody is talking about the Gemini Murders. Whilst most can only speculate, only you have what it takes to investigate... Teams will need to think strategically in order to gather the evidence, solve the clues and crack the case within the time limit! Based in Hyde Park, London and containing a couple more layers to consider, this game is ideal for a team build or away day.

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