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Oyster & Caviar Meister

Oysters & Caviar

About Oyster & Caviar Meister

If you are looking for something truly memorable with a certain ‘Wow’ factor to add to your party or event; Oyster & Caviar Meister offers a unique and theatrical culinary experience!

They have Oyster Meister, the original wandering servic…

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Pure luxury

Why we love this supplier

James and the team seriously know their stuff about the delicious Oysters and Caviar they provide. Not only is it memorable, you go away educated after devouring each delicious serving!

Included with every booking

Top class suppliers

Bespoke service

Dedicated account manager

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Monthly payment plans

Total financial security

Fresh Oysters

Oysters individually shucked and served with various dressings and guidance on how to eat properly and enjoy. Served with different variants of caviar either on cocktail spoons (perhaps with Lemon Vodka) or in individual 10gms 'shot' tins

Oyster & Caviar Meister wandering service

A mobile and interactive experience with both oysters and caviar served to guests

Tasting Masterclass

A bespoke and insightful masterclass on all things oysters & caviar. Champagne also served

Wandering Caviar Meister

A selection of the finest caviars served to your guests, accompanied by chilled lemon vodka