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Potters Pizza

Italian Sough Dough Pizzas

Gluten Free

Nut Free



About Potters Pizza

Potters Pizza was created by Benjamin with his love of Italian street food and his trips to Naples.

Neapolitan pizza the crust there is nothing like it, once you’ve experienced Neapolitan pizza it’s difficult to enjoy any other.

Potters P…

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Italian Mozzarella with Fresh Basil & Drizzle Of Olive Oil

The Spicy Salami

Italian Salami, Mozzarella, Fresh Chilli’s & Drizzle Of Chilli Olive Oil

Italian Prosciutto

Italian Prosciutto, Italian Mozzarella, Home Made Pesto, Fresh Rocket, Shavings Of Parmesan & Drizzle Of Olive Oil

Mushroom & Rocket

Fresh Mushrooms, Italian Mozzarella, Home Made Pesto, Shavings Of Parmesan, Fresh Rocket & Drizzle Of Olive Oil

Italian Buffets

Italian style buffet with a selection of Italian Salads, Italian pasta dishes, selection of Italian meats, selection of Italian cheese, and selection of Italian bread

Italian Sandwiches

Italian sandwiches which we love to create with our clients prior to their event, all our sandwiches are crafted on a selection of fantastic bread, Italian meats and Italian cheese.