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Prestige Doughnuts


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About Prestige Doughnuts

Prestige Doughnuts is a Cambridge-based dessert supplier that offers a multi-faceted approach to enjoying your favourite sweets!

For the dessert lover, Prestige creates a variety of fresh, homemade artisan doughnuts that can be customised…

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Here is an assortment of donuts we offer. Donuts can be either regular or filled with custard, praline, or jam, and then further customized by choosing the toppings and additions preferred by the customer. We are happy to work with you on specialty designs and food preferences including vegan and allergen-friendly donuts.


Loukoumades are fried dough balls soaked in a sweet syrup. They can be enjoyed traditionally, with honey and a mixture of nuts or cinnamon, or with a modern twist by adding a wide variety of flavoured pralines and toppings such as sprinkles or fresh fruit. Loukoumades are the perfect treat to enjoy with a group of friends!


This is a piece of authentic, Greek-style baklava made with walnuts, honey, and phyllo. The baklava is soaked in a sweet, honey syrup for a mouthwatering taste of Greece. In addition to baklava, we offer numerous other Greek deli Cassie’s.

Gender Reveal Donuts

This is a selection of donuts specially designed and created for a customer’s gender reveal party. The donuts are filled with a customizable colored cream, indicating the gender of the future child as soon as a bite is taken out of the donut