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About Rapid Image UK

Jack and Dan are the frontline faces of Rapid image UK who met at university and have been running the business since 2014. They have used their experience and knowledge to build a successful small passionate team of dedicated photographer…

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Half Day Package

If you’re simply needing your ceremony captured and maybe some nice group and personal shots afterwards, then the Half Day package should suit what you’re looking for. Typically, four hours should cover your guests arriving until just as you are being introduced into your wedding breakfast. However, this may obviously differ depending on your schedule. • 1 Photographer 4 Hours • 350 Photos • Up to 50 photos ready within 48 Hours

The Day Package

'The Day package' does pretty much as advertised! We’ll cover the main parts of the day for you. 8 Hours would typically encompass your guests arriving until a little after the first dance. We can certainly discuss style and approach, however, bar the group, cake and personal shots we try and capture the day as it unfolds. • 1 Photographer 8 Hours • 600 Photos • Customised USB • Up to 50 photos ready within 48 Hours


Once again, as described really! This package will offer the same coverage as the Day Package, with the added bonus of capturing your preparations. We’ll arrive a couple of hours earlier to ensure all the little details your soon to be spouse may miss! Logistically if we can get a little of the Groom’s prep (or as applicable!) as well as the Bride’s then we will, however sometimes with just the 1 photographer we may have to settle on just one of you but we can discuss this further! You will also receive a photobook as part of his package, please feel free to ask to see a few samples of how this may look. Once you’ve seen your photos, you’ll be asked to pick your favourites and we’ll organise and get your photobook made up and sent asap. All photos will be accessible from your online gallery for you to view and share as you will. • 1 Photographer 10 Hours • 700 Photos • Customised USB • Photobook • Up to 50 photos ready within 48 Hours

The Deluxe Package

The deluxe package really is our Rolls Royce ultimate package! With 2 photographers we can cover much more ground, so it’s great for getting both the Bride and Groom (Brides/Grooms!) in the morning, and ensuring all areas are covered. We especially recommend this package for weddings with plenty of travel between events (church transfers for example) and for weddings expecting more than 150 guests. As well as the extra features detailed in the Prep-to Dance package we can also offer on the day editing! What this means is that we will select some particularly lovely pictures form the ceremony and personal shoot and have them edited and ready for exhibition after your wedding breakfast! We can set up a small screen on your gift table (or wherever suits) for people to see you at your happiest. Perfect for evening guests that may have missed the earlier celebrations. • 2 Photographers 10 Hours • Ariel Photography • 800 Photos • Customised USB • Photobook • Personal Mobile App with 100 of your best photos • At least 50 photos ready within 48 Hours.

Single Shooter Half Day Package

This package covers the key moments if you only need us for a shorter wedding, twilight wedding or if you just need the preparations and ceremony or ceremony and photos covered. • 1 Videographer 4 Hours • 2 Videos (Highlights and Full video) • Customised USB or DVD with Customised Case

Single Shooter Day Package

We’ll cover the key events of the day! Hard to explain it better really. We will utilise two cameras for the ceremony, speeches and if possible, the first dance. It’s harder to move around and cover absolutely everything than a two shooter package, however, we’ll still make sure to capture as much as we possibly can. Depending on timings we can cover preparations as well, however, it gets tricky with just the one videographer as we would need to ensure we’re ready for the ceremony as well as being likely to miss people arriving. We can certainly talk! • 1 Videographer 8 Hours •2 Videos (Highlights and Full video) • Customised USB or DVD with Customised Case

2 Shooter Day Package

This package is recommended for good coverage of your big day. As well as the stylistic approach of the previous packages we’ll be able to ensure we capture the whole day, even the bits you might miss. One of us as a rule will make sure we’re looking out for you guys, whilst the other focuses on guests. This way when you go off for your photos, we can get lovely footage of you as well as being able to let you see what your guests are getting up to! This package will also allow one of us to break away at one point to get some messages form your guests, always a favourite! If you prefer not to have them, no problem just say. Typically, this package will cover the guests arriving until just after the first dance • 2 Videographers • 8 Hours • Guest Messages • 2 Videos (Highlights and Full Video) • Customised USB or DVD with Customised Case

Cinematic Package

Now, this is our chance to show off. As well as covering your day and ensuring we capture the key events, we’ll also go out of our way to turn on the style. You’ll have a choice of either 3 videographers, with two focusing on the important parts and the other capturing the day with a more creative focus, or 2 videographers and a drone operator. The drone operator will be present for 3 hours, and will try to capture the venue, bride’s arrival and main photos. As well as extra coverage, you’ll also receive extra copies to share with friends and family with a trailer video as a pre-cursor to the highlights; great for social media….it’s basically the best we can offer you! 3 Videographers or 2 Videographers and a drone operator 10 Hours 3 Videos (Trailer, Highlights and Full Video) 3 Customised USBs or DVDs with Customised Cases

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