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About Roly Poly Eats Ltd

Welcome to Roly Poly.

Started in 2010 and now ONE of the names of Street Food and with an incredible back ground. Falling back on our butchery heritage we're passionate about every thing Meat!

We offer wide range of services which can b…

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what we offer.

Using Toddenham Farm of Morton-in-the-Marsh Beef (South Devon Cross Cattle) Pork & Lamb. All meat from Toddenham happily graze on their farm land before being dry aged hung for a minimum of 28 days. Pork is from their own (Gloucester Old Spot) pigs and lambs (North country mule cross) We can offer a range of items all of which I can send to you at your request.... .BREAKFAST .BURGER AND FRIES .PULLED MEATS & FRIES .HICKORY SMOKED MEATS (BBQ) .ALTERNATIVES (such as boa buns, wraps, borritos, steak & fries) Please advise on which you would be interested in for us to give you a quote.

Pulled Meats

What we are best known for, tender melt in your mouth slow cooked pulled meats, served on hand-cut freshly cooked fries and slaw. PIGGY SUCKER PUNCH Original fennel and sea salt rubbed pulled pork, served on a bed of hand-cut fries finished with RPE homemade apple cider sauce, stuffing and crackling. BBQ PIGGY SUCKER PUNCH (OUR BEST SELLER) BBQ pulled pork, cooked in cola and swirled in RPE sweet honey BBQ sauce, served on a bed of hand-cut fries finished with homemade slaw and a smoked chilli mayo. COW GOT WHISKET THROTTLE BBQ pulled brisket, cooked in dr pepper swirled in RPE Bourbon BBQ sauce, served on a bed of hand-cut fries finished with homemade slaw and chimichurri dressing.


Handmade burgers made from dry aged Cotswold beef served in award winning bread. Burgers and Fries. We're known for serving some of THE best street food in the UK and Burgers are all the way up there with the best. We use only dry aged Cotswold beef (chuck brisket mix) which we butcher and grind in house along with our own spice blend daily! Smashed on the grills to order each patty is then seasoned again (but not to much) and topped with some amazing toppings. Our burger line up looks like this.... .The Classic / Creation Burger - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack & American Cheese, Ketchup, French's Mustard. .Funki Fungi - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack & American cheese, Swiss Cheese, Soy & Garlic Fried Mushrooms, Sauce Shop Mayo .Bacon-Slayer - Beef Patty, Salad, Double Stacked Home Cured Bacon, Bacon Jam, Pickles, Jack & American Cheese, Baconaise .Hula Hula Hawaiian - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack & American Cheese, Maple Fried Pineapple Ring, Home Cured Bacon, Rpe Homemade Pineapple Ketchup .Blue Cheese Bomb - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack, American & Blue Cheese, Red Onion Chutney .Smashed-IT! - 3 Smashed Thin RPE Patties, Shredded Lettuce & Pickle, American & Jack Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Butter Braised Onions, RPE House Burger Sauce. .Machine-Gun Nduja - Our Own Beef Patty, Smoked & American Cheese, 2 Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, N'Duja Sausage, Jalapeno and Lime Hot Sauce, Salad Pickles .Space-Bound - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Smoked & American Cheese, Fried Chorizo, Grilled Halloumi, Fried Jalapenos, Sauce Shop South Carolina BBQ Sauce .Diggy The Piggy - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack & American Cheese, Home Cured Bacon, Sweet Honey BBQ Toddenham Farm Pulled Pork, Chipotle Ketchup .Horny Cow - Beef Patty, Salad, Pickles, Jack & American Cheese, Home Cured Bacon, Bourbon BBQ Toddenham Farm Pulled Brisket, Chimichurri Sauce .Slamming Lamb - Beef Patty, Salad, Jack & American Cheese, Pulled Todenham Farm Minted Lamb, Grilled Halloumi, Homemade Tzatziki Sauce. Along with these burgers we also serve either fries or potato bon bons. Fries - We use Pierre Koffman potatoes that we cut in front of our customers and fry from fresh these are gluten free additive free and THE best fries you'll ever eat. Bon-Bons - Balls of potato really tasty but aren't gluten free but equally as tasty.

BBQ Meats

BBQ Meats it's not a skills its an art! This is a premium service that carries a price point due to the labour involved in doing it. For this we need a lot of time before hand to prep and cook low and slow! We can served "hickory wood" smoked meats to your guests along with sides. The line up includes... .Smoked Pulled Pork .Smoked Brisket .Pork Ribs .Lamb .Chicken .Grilled Corn .Pickled Pink Onions .Pickles .Apple Fennel Slaw .Smoked Chilli Mayo Slaw .Mac & Cheese


Breakfast our favorite meal of the day! So why choose us? So falling back on our butchery heritage we at RPE cure all our own bacon and we make all our own sausages using a family recipe. Who else does that! For our breakfast line up we can offer. RPE Smoked Streaky Bacon, RPE Homemade Sausages Patties, Cotswold Free Range Eggs, Proper Black pudding, Hash Brown, we also have our own house Breakfast Sauce which really hits the spot. We can serve a fully served item breakfast or we can create buns and wraps to suit. Along with other such items and fruits and cereals if required.


Alternative meals we could offer.... .Boa Buns .Borritos / Wraps .RPE SF Fried Chicken .Steak and Fries (Cow-a-Bunga) .Greek