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Roti Roll

Clay-Oven Tandoori



Nut Free

Dairy Free



Gluten Free

About Roti Roll

Roti Rol specialises in traditional clay-oven, tandoori cooking. Using locally sourced British lamb and chicken, they create skewers that are marinated for twelve hours and then cooked in their charcoal-fired clay oven tandoor.  These deli…

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Serious taste and experience!

Why we love this supplier

The combination of tandoori meat, fresh salad and chutney, all inside a roti is unbeatable. James and the team are experts in quality and serving at large events.

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Prince of Calcutta

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, yoghurt and fresh fenugreek with mint and coriander chutney.

Sultan of Multan

Chicken marinated in ginger, garlic, spinach and coriander with roasted tomato chutney.

Master Blaster

Lamb shoulder marinated in ginger, garlic, tandoori masala and yoghurt with date and lime chutney.

Harayana Hurricane (v)

Paneer, potato, spinach, cardamom and fenugreek with red coconut chutney.

Cheeku Channa (ve)

Aubergine, chickpea, curry leaf, mustard seed and cumin with roast okra and green chutney.

Hand Cut Chips (ve)

Triple-fried skin on house chips with fenugreek leaf salt. Served with tamarind ketchup.

Samosas (v)

Handmade and wrapped in layers of filo pastry. Served with the house chilli sauce and green chutney. Lamb, beef and vegetable.

Kochi Salad (ve)

Carrot, coriander, little gem, mint and shaved coconut with lime and jaggery dressing.