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About Salty Studio

Salty Studio’s idea is that if you combine all five senses and tell a story in an experience, you will remember it very strongly. Salty Studio works through the medium of food but they also use graphics, design and technology to create thei…

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Celebration Cocktails Workshop

Celebrate with your team or friends and learn to make beautiful cocktails and experiment with different ingredients, garnishes and flavours. (non-alcoholic options available)

Gin infusion Workshop

We'll teach you how to make your own gin infusions at home. Prepare and observe as they infuse over time. Here are some of the spring flavours you can choose from: hibiscus, blue pea flower, earl grey tea, rhubarb, tangerine, grapefruit, rose petals, camomille...

Natural Soap Making (with Edible Ingredients!)

Let's show you how to make soap! We'll use natural (and even edible) ingredients, to create beautiful and colourful soaps. Ingredients can include activated charcoal, chia seeds, apricot seeds, lavender, oatmeal, coffee grounds, rose petals or camomille... Natural soap making. Includes all you will need for the workshop: soap mould, shea butter soap base, essential oils and natural ingredients

Make Your Own Candles (with Edible Ingredients!)

During this workshop we'll show you how to make your very own candles. Made with a vegan soy wax base, you'll then decorate your candle with natural food colourings and ingredients such as orange peel, rose petals, safflower and camomille, coconut and more... Sent to your doorstep. Includes all you will need for the workshop: candle mould, vegan soy wax base, wicks, essential oils and natural ingredients.

Grow Your Own Edible Micro Herbs

During this workshop, you'll learn how to grow your own micro herbs in two weeks at home just like a chef. You'll then be able to use them in delicious dishes! Kits sent to your doorstep. Includes all you will need for the workshop, made in partnership with UpRooted Farms.

Healing Tonics & Teas

Boost your health and mind with a workshop about making your own traditional & modern remedies that make you feel amazing, give you energy, improve your health and strengthen your natural defences.

Edible Face Care

Time to take care of yourself: we'll show you how to make 3 recipes that you can use for your personal face care, but using edible ingredients! Think coconut oil, granulated sugar or rice granules for exfoliants, earl grey tea, mint and rose... You'll make a face scrub, a face mask and a face toner.

Food Embroidery

Learn how to embroider your own creations. Sew some foodie designs onto napkins, your favourite denim jacket or jeans, tote bags, pouches and more. During the workshop, we'll guide you through some of the main types of stitches and how to follow a pattern onto your you chosen piece of fabric. These can make a perfect gift for any celebration!

Instagrammable Smoothie Bowls

Learn to make these delicious smoothie bowls, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to level up your breakfast and glow from inside and outside.

Beautiful Flavoured Butters

Known as 'compound butter', it's simply the addition of extra flavours to this tasty spread. These flavoured butters are great to use as a final touch on your favourite dishes, or even simply with a delicious slice of sourdough bread. (Vegan options available)

Colourful Flavoured Salts

Also known as 'finishing salts', these bring a great extra flavour kick to your dishes. From meats to fish dishes, vegetables and salads, they are very versatile.

Immune Boosting Snacks

Cooler temperatures are coming so it’s time to strengthen your immune system to stay strong and healthy throughout the cold season. We'll teach you how to make some energy protein bites with simple but delicious ingredients and superfoods and you will learn about the power of superfoods and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Fruit Zines & Posters

Expand your creativity by crafting your own zine or a poster around a food theme. You will have an opportunity to improve your design and colour coordination skills, learn some DIY techniques and make a paper collage inspired by other food designers and creative publications.

Savoury canapés

Nori crisps with smoked salmon & beetroot horseradish cream (f) Butter dipped radishes with sesame seeds & coloured salts (v) Black radish crisps with gin cured salmon tartare (f) Charcoal crackers with edamame, cream cheese, bee pollen (v) Hazelnut shortbread with butternut squash puree, ricotta & dukkah (v) Rice cracker with trout roe, smoked yogurt, silver leaf (f) Black quinoa sushi rolls with miso (veg) Vegan scallops (King oyster mushroom) with chimichurri sauce + can be served with rice vermicelli for a more substantial serving (veg) Mini pretzel buns with green herb dip (v) Plantain crisps with avocado, sweetcorn & tuna ceviche (f) Buckwheat crisps with parsnip & hazelnut cream (veg) Bloody Mary prawn: prawns, avocado, spicy Bloody Mary gel on a black tapioca wafer (f) Beetroot blinis with carrot lox, capers, cream cheese, dill (v) Mini rainbow spring rolls (veg) with dips

Sweet canapés

Edible pearls (hazelnut & marzipan) Mini madeleines (flavours: birthday cake, pistachio, dark chocolate, tahini, brown butter chai, raspberry...) French macarons (flavours: pistachio, passion fruit, raspberry, raspberry & lychee, creme brulée, black sesame, buttered popcorn...) Cloudy marshmallows (flavours: raspberry & lychee, maple/bacon, passionfruit/vanilla, hibiscus, mulled wine, pisco sour, chocolate charcoal...) Cosmic chocolate truffles (flavours: natural, thyme infused, tahini, chilli, covered with chopped hazelnuts/freeze dried raspberries/pistachio/cocoa powder, coffee/hibiscus/chocolate, white chocolate & coconut, white choc & wasabi...) Pâte de fruit/gummies (flavours: carrot, beetroot, strawberry, raspberry, orange, passion fruit, alcoholic...) Mini pavlova nests (flavours: chocolate, strawberry/matcha, coconut/fruit...) Chocolate lollipops (base: dark chocolate, white choc, milk choc - toppings: pistachio, raspberry, cacao nibs, dried fruit, bee pollen...) Celebration biscuits (art-deco style, Christmas style/Christmas baubles, gingerbread, animal shaped, weather inspired, fashion inspired, colourful abstract, gold covered...)


Colour changing paloma cube: blue pea flower ice cube, tequila, grapefruit The secret garden: gin, absinthe, St Germain, cucumber Beetroot gin sour: gin, beetroot & apple juice, egg white Rhubarb cardamom gin fizz: rhubarb syrup, cardamom infused gin, prosecco Aquavit & tonic: Aquavit, Refreshingly Light Fever Tree tonic, fresh dill & sugarsnap peas, fennel flowers Black margarita: charcoal agave, tequila, lime & spicy seasonning Colour changing cocktail: gin infused with blue pea flower, guanabana & lychee juice, lemon, rose petals Rose garden: rose syrup, prosecco, vodka Violet Collins: gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, crème de violette Platinum margarita: tequila, vermouth, rose water, agave syrup, lime Beautiful Waste: Discarded Spirits Grape skin vodka, melon liqueur, Dash water Peach flavour (Zero Waste) Smells like the ocean: Pentire, kelp seaweed & citrus syrup, tonic (Zero Waste) Save the rainforest: Copalli Rum (made with rainforest water), banana skin Oleo, citric acid solution, egg white or aquafaba (Zero Waste) Strawberry dreams: strawberry infused vodka, enriched clementine juice, elderflower cordial, tonic (Zero Waste)

Bespoke Menus

We can create a bespoke menu to fit your event (inspired by the brand, company, event, venue, theme etc). This can be done with canapés, plated dishes & cocktails. Please get in touch and specify you are looking for this. We love creating bespoke menus and making some beautiful delicious & fun food for you!

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