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About Stunning Tents

We are proud to be the original nordic teepee rental company and our experience and dedication has enabled us to stay at the forefront with continuous improvement, innovation and great service. Slow matured spruce poles and a light tan col…

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Giant Hat Teepee

Pitched on its own with sides down it looks like a conventional teepee; with sides up it resembles a giant witch's hat. It is the ability to raise the sides of the tent that makes it possible to link the teepees to each other, creating a single larger space. All manner of configurations are possible, and there's no limit to the number of tents that can be linked together. Whether you're having an intimate party, a wedding or a corporate event, there's a configuration that will work perfectly. Each Giant Hat is 10.3m in diameter with its sides down, or 13m with its sides up.

Kung Teepee

Pitched separately or linked to a Giant Hat, the Kung can be used as a chill out area. It has the same construction as the Giant Hat but rather than having the possibility to raise the brim, the Kung has a 4m wide opening that can be used to link it to several connected Giant Hats or, when pitched separately to provide a view. The Kung is 8.5m in diameter.

Little Hat Teepee

The Little Hat is a perfect reception tent or canopy for buffets; it can be used as a smoking shelter or as a 'children's area' tent. When pitched it looks like a witch's hat (it has no sides) making a versatile canopy in keeping with our other Nordic teepees. The Little Hat is 5.5m in diameter.


Whether you are looking for basic tables and chairs or high-end, handcrafted, bespoke furniture, we can deliver, making the process much easier for you.

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