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Sussex Chef

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About Sussex Chef

The brilliant Sussex Chef use only the finest ingredients available to them to serve up some of the most delicious event food around. Their team of chefs utilise a wealth of knowledge in many cuisines to provide ta brilliant service that wi…

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  • Succulent Chicken

    Marinated in jerk, chilli and corriander and grilled to perfection over hot coals

  • Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

    Marinated in sage, garlic and bay. Then slow cooked in our authentic BBQ sauce, then grilled over smoldering coals for that authentic BBQ flavour

  • Spicy Tiger Prawns

    Marinated in chilli, lime and garlic and cooked in flame wok’s over smoldering coals for that authentic BBQ flavour

  • Veggie BBQ Ribs

    BBQ marinated seitan ribs smothered in Authentic BBQ Sauce

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