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The Little Cocktail Box


About The Little Cocktail Box

The Little Cocktail Box started out as a 1982 Sinclair Horsebox and has been lovingly converted into a stylish cocktail bar. They stock a full bar, but their speciality is high-quality cocktails - and their signature is ‘The Little Cocktai…

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Tutto Bene! A Florentine classic. Campari, London dry gin & sweet vermouth stirred over ice and served with a fresh orange wedge. Short, strong and unmistakenly Italian!

Vesper Martini

Shaken not stirred, just as Mr B preferred! Portobello Rd gin shaken with Grey Goose vodka. Double strained into a chilled Martini glass & garnished with large green olives or a lemon twist. Ask for it dirty if you love olives!


Tall, sweet & spicy, straight from the Lone Star state. Aromatic herbal gin, Framboise liqueur & fresh lime shaken with root ginger. Finished with mint, black pepper and fresh raspberries.

Elderflower & Mint Collins

It’s like Spring in your mouth! Fresh muddled mint with elderflower, herbaceous gin, cloudy apple juice & cucumber bitters. Shaken with ice & garnished with edible flowers & ribboned cucumber.

The Algonquin

Hey I’m walking here! Rye whisky & Lillet Blanc shaken until frosted, with pineapple, Angostura bitters, red apple & ice. A New York classic.

Old Fashioned

Well worth the wait...Maple Bacon washed bourbon stirred to perfection over ice with La Fee clementine bitters, brown cane sugar & flamed orange peel.

The Little Cocktail

Our signature tipple! Spiced rum shaken with single cream & agave syrup. Served up & neat with dark chocolate & honeycomb shavings & burnt orange.

Aperol Spritz

You can’t swing a cat in Milan without hitting one of these bad boys! Prosecco, Aperol & soda with oodles of ice & fresh orange. Grazie amore mio.

Long Island Iced Tea

No good story started with a glass of water. Strong, long & oh so wrong! Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lemon juice & layered over ice. Topped with Cola & garnished with lime & citrus peel.

Rye Manhatten

Prohib is over! Canadian Rye whisky shaken with sweet vermouth and Peychaud bitters. Served up & neat with dried orange.

Other Drinks

Wine, Prosecco, cider, lager, pale ale, spirits, mixers

Classic Cosmopolitan

A Manhattan staple made famous by the Sex & the city girls! Citron vodka & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lime & cranberry juice. Double strained neat & garnished with a lime wheel.

Basil & Chilli Margarita

Probably the second tastiest thing Mexico has gifted the world after Salma Hayek. Tequila Reposado & Triple Sec shaken with fresh lime juice, sugar, dried chilli & basil. Served neat & up or on the rocks. Available classic for the Puritans!