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Trio Espresso

Speciality Coffee Tuk Tuk

About Trio Espresso

Trio Espresso focuses on our specialty coffee offering. We use a single origin Brasilian bean, roasted in Italy. Our coffee has a traditional taste, but brewed with speciality methods, the perfect combination.

We also serve six different t…

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This little guy is the star of the show. Before the milk and fancy designs, you've got to have a perfectly dialled in espresso. Luckily at Trio Espresso we've put in the work to make our espresso truly delicious. Full bodied, nutty and punchy, just how an Italian espresso is meant to be.


For those who want prolong the espresso experience. Hot water topped with our delicious espresso. Fun fact, it is believed that the americano was born during World War 2 when American troops were stationed in Italy. The troops were not accustomed to the strength of the espresso so had to water it down!


Meaning "Stained" or "Spotted" in Italian. Our espresso is topped with some silky milk foam. A true Italian classic that allows you to experience the espresso in all it's glory whilst adding some sweetness and texture with the milk.


A barista favourite. Originating in Spain meaning "cut" the Cortado is a 4.5 oz drink with equal parts espresso and textured milk, allowing both the coffee and milk to shine!

Flat White

Today's most popular item, the flat white. A 6oz drink that originated from Australia (or New Zealand) A double ristretto shot (restricted shot) with 4oz of textured (NOT FOAMY) milk. For those who want something similar to a latte with a little extra punch and a little less foam!


Milky and mild, the perfect drink for those who like their coffee subtle. Available as an 8 or 12 oz.


Another Italian classic, the cappuccino. Silky foam over a double espresso topped with chocolate powder or shavings. Strong and sweet.

Hot Chocolate

Not feeling coffee? Don't worry! We have some incredible hot chocolate on offer. Choose between a local, independent and fully vegan hot choc or a thick, creamy Italian hot chocolate. Both are to die for!


Love coffee? Love hot chocolate? Can't decide between the two? No need to decide when you can have both! The Mocha


A mix of black Tea extract, ground Spices (Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove, Black pepper, Star Anise) as a latte or tea. A sweet and warming alternative to our coffee. Delicious!!

Matcha (Latte)

A finely ground green tea powder (ours is ceremonial grade) available as a tea or latte. Sweet, savoury and nutty and quite amazing looking, right??