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T's Fried Scoop

Hot & Cold Ice Cream



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About T's Fried Scoop

We do hot and cold desserts in one! Our fried ice cream is so unique and theatrical.

It's best described as a really hot and crispy doughnut/waffle hybrid with ice cream inside. It's fluffy and light, but filling at the same time!

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Vanilla Clotted Cream

Rich clotted cream infused with vanilla ice cream, wrapped in vanilla dough. Available as a vegan option.


Heavenly chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and a smooth rich chocolate ripple, wrapped in vanilla dough. Available as a vegan option.


Strong leafy matcha green tea from Japan infused in rich dairy ice cream and wrapped in vanilla dough. Available as a vegan option.

Ube (OOO-Bay)

Purple sweet potato, imported from the Philippines, churned with coconut milk and dairy ice cream, wrapped in a vanilla dough.

Spiced Cinnamon Apple Crumble (winter limited edition)

Available from November until March every year, this is a very popular fried ice cream! Cinnamon, nutmeg and warm spices blended in rich dairy ice cream, coated in vanilla dough and topped off with hot apple sauce and chunks. Available as a vegan option.

Black Coconut (Autumn limited edition)

Available from September until mid-November every year, the black coconut flavour has left an impressive impression! Burnt coconut ash, infused in rich coconut ice cream, gives it's extreme intense black colour as well as a strong, refreshing and rich coconut taste. Wrapped around in a vanilla dough.


Sweet strawberry ice cream, refreshing and creamy. Wrapped in vanilla dough.

Special Requests

If you would like to know other flavours of fried ice cream we do, then please feel free to ask! :)

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