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Veg Heads Catering

Sensational Vegan Food!



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About Veg Heads Catering

We are Veg Heads! Our inception takes us back to November 2018, when we rocked the Saffron Walden markets with our first wholefoods burger menu.

Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. We had a collaborative day cafe with a ve…

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Dirty Jack Burg

Spiced and pressed jackfruit patty, topped with caramelized onions, seitan pastrami, and nacho cheeze sauce, with lettuce, pickles and BBQ sauce, in a brioche bun.

Mighty Marmitey Fries

Our skin-on, hand-cut chips with rosemary salt, mixed with melted buttery marmitey marinade topped with marmitey dust and spring onions.

Buff Chikk'n Burg

Our seitan crispy fried Chikk'n, dipped in a hot Buffalo marinade, melted cheeze, spring onions and bak'n bits, with lettuce, pickles and vegan mayo, in a brioche bun.

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