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Salt + Smoke

Fire Led Feasts



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About Salt + Smoke

Salt + Smoke specialises in traditional dishes cooked over fire. Focusing on local produce prepared and plated in front of your guests Salt + Smoke showcase rustic but refined dishes. With a passion in both the farming and catering world, B…

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Whole Animal Spit Roast

Pig, lamb, venison or beef leg.

Pork Shoulder

10hr pulled pork / bbq apple sauce / homemade cucumber pickles / seasonal slaw.


Oak smoked brisket / sriracha mayo / homemade 5-spice pickled onion / shredded lettuce.

Shredded Chicken

Slow smoked chicken / seasonal salsa verde / homemade cucumber pickles / shredded lettuce.

Wild Meat

Dependent on the seasons and what the local hunters are able to responsibly source.

Pulled Jackfruit (v)

Slow cooked pulled jackfruit / bbq beer sauce / homemade cucumber pickles / seasonal slaw.

Slow Smoked Cauliflower (v)

Oak smoked cauliflower / Katsu mayo / homemade 5-spice pickled onion / shredded lettuce.

French Style Croquettes

Delicious, creamy French style croquettes panko'd and deep fried with either pulled pork, brisket, or Baron Bigod cheese.

Halloumi Fries (v)

Rosemary Fries (v)

Potato chips with homemade rosemary salt.

Beetroot Slaw (ve)

Beetroot, red onion, red cabbage, honey and mustard dressing.

Spit Roast Whole Pig

Apple and sage stuffing

Asado Lamb

Salsa verde, fire grilled vegetables

Plank Smoked Salmon

Cast Iron Potato and Onion Tortilla

Wood fired Rump of Beef

with marrow gravy

Guinea Fowl and Chorizo Paella

cooked over open flame

Butter and garlic with oregano flatbread

Salsa verde flatbread

Buffalo mozzerella, gran padano and tomato pizza

Caper, anchovie, tomato and gran padano pizza

Guanciale, caper, mozzerella and tomato pizza

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