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Nitro Ice Cream Bar Specialist


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About Sixth Sense Events

At Sixth Sense Events, our services guarantee to add a touch of magic at your event. We offer what others simply can’t by harnessing the power of liquid nitrogen to create the worlds first bespoke ice cream parlour! We have also created an…

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I'd never made ice cream myself before, let alone with dry ice, but this class was great fun and resulted in loads of delicious ice cream

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Ice Cream Masterclass & Kit

Delivered Box Contains: Entry to the live ice cream masterclass 2 litres of fresh Whipsmiths dairy ice cream base - makes 4 x 500ml tubs 2 kg of dry ice pellets safely stored in an insulated Poly-box Dry Ice dosing cup Pre measured quality ice cream ingredients and add ins for 3 unique flavours. 4 x 500ml Ice cream pots to give away to friends (or stash them all for those must-have moments) Recipe cards, instructions and for making your own ice cream creations at home Molten choc souffle dessert portion Safety gloves

“Create Your Own” Nitro Ice Cream

Choose from an assortment of vibrant flavours or allow us to develop a flavour to suit your event theme. Typically include 2 to 4 flavours which we then handcraft into small batches of ice cream or sorbet. Nitro Ice creams are served as individual scoops, a cone or pretty much anything edible! Each production batch creating a mesmerising glowing mist, to captivate and engage with your guests.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Experience the magic of liquid nitrogen ice cream created before your eyes. Choose from our recommended menu or allow us to develop a flavour to suit your event theme - it would typically take 2 to 4 flavours which we then handcraft into small batches of ice cream or sorbet.

Dragon's Breath Popcorn

We create freshly popped popcorn onsite and poach it in liquid nitrogen to create a dazzling effect. But we can’t create this effect without you. Take a deep breath, then a satisfying crunch and watch as you breathe our plumps of liquid nitrogen vapour out your nose and mouth to fill the air with a spectacular sight. Dragon Breath Popcorn is another spectacular part of our liquid nitrogen family of products.

Alcoholic/ Non-alcoholic Candy Floss

Spin spin sugar and add some boozy flavour to your sweet treat. Whipsmiths can produce freshly spun cotton candy infused with your choice of alcohol. Get your party started with Margaritas; or maybe finish your event with an espresso martini, neon candy floss style. Whipsmiths can create specific flavours for your event and add a little theatrical flair… the candy floss is illuminated from within, giving it a striking glow that’s sure to liven up any event space. It’s time to ditch those glow sticks.

Lolly Lab

Whipsmiths Lolly Lab - the wildest asset in our ready-to-hire range, is the world’s first Instant ice lolly unit. That’s right. Fastest freezing first as it can create custom ice lollies in under 3 minutes. Our lolly lab provides all the theatrics of Whipsmiths' Liquid Nitrogen technology in a brand-new format. The results are still jaw-dropping, the science is still mesmerising, and the tastes are, well, up to you.

Nitro Cold Brew

Sixth Sense combine coffee with Nitrogen gas to create a super-smooth, cold brew coffee that’s a joy to watch being created. The Nitrogen also helps extract the flavours, adding a smooth, creamy head in the process

Frozen Cocktails

We put a theatrical spin on the classic cocktail and avoid using ice. We don't dilute the taste or experience in any way. Instead we shake up a cocktail with a -196 degree blast of nitrogen, turning it from a liquid to a silky frozen consistency before your eyes, turning your favourite cocktail to a masterpiece.

Experiential Cocktail Bar Hire

Using the freshest ingredients and daring flavours Sixth Sense’s mixologists push the boundaries. Their vaporised alcoholic drinks, foaming and smoking cocktails will have your guests marveling and wanting to try them all. Their ready-to-hire cocktail bars also come in a huge array of designs, sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

The Alchemist Bar

The Alche-Mist allows your guests to experience flavours/cocktails in a way they’ve never tasted before. Sure to create a long-lasting impression, our flavour development team will even work with you to create a bespoke flavour that will stun your guests.

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