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About Crêpe Kings

Crepe Kings sell unique Japanese inspired artisan crepe cones. They have a set menu but are also more than happy to tailor a menu to the client's taste. In the warmer months their crêpes are cold, filled with delicious cream fillings and flavour combinations and topped with small-batch artisan gelato - trust us, it’s pretty amazing.

In the cooler months, their crepes are warm with seasonal flavour combinations, filled with warm mousses and topped with toasted marshmallow, Italian meringue and baked crumble to name a few!

Some of their winter flavours include the s’mores, the seasonal crumble, the crème brûlée and the Matcha. The s’mores crepe comes with chocolate, cookies, toasted marshmallow and is filled with warm chocolate mousse - what more could you want?

They can also serve real hot chocolate made with 70% French Valrhona chocolate and topped with torched marshmallow fluff. If you like the sound of Crepe Kings (and we think you should) then see if they are available and you can book them for your event right here on Feast It!

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