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Available options: Nut Free, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian

About the company

Feral Food Store (aka FFS!) are cooking up vegan food, but not as you know it! Bored and dissatisfied with the vegan food offering at events, which can often prioritise health over taste, FFS decided to do something about it to ensure that being vegan doesn't mean compromising on taste.

Their food is unashamedly dirty and decadent, and of course, utterly delicious, with absolutely nothing being harmed in the process. Everything is completely made from scratch by hand on site and their menu boasts utterly divine items such as the Korean fried cauliflower balls and Southern fried seitan - delicious!

The FFS team have been trading in London for the past two years and have served to highly satisfied punters at a load of big festivals such as Wilderness, Festival No. 6, Big Feastival, Port Eliot, Green Man and End of the Road.

If you would like to wow your guests with vegan food that will get everyone talking, invite FFS! along and they will bring you just the right combination of deep-fried filth, guilt-free. Book them here now!

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Other info from the vendor

Feral Food Store serve from a 6m x 3m Food Truck or a 3m x 3m Gazebo

Estimated set-up time is 1 hour