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About the company

GENUINE Liquorette is an innovative hybrid of bar and shop. They have discarded the usual pomp and pageantry in favour of good, honest booze playing up front and centre alongside fresh, ethically-sourced ingredients designed to break down barriers and demystify the cocktail experience.

Guests are encouraged to experiment, play and peruse; whether that be with their world-famous Cha-Chunker punching holes straight through preconceptions, indulging in a Signature Cocktail or an All-Star Classic innovatively kegged cocktail mixed up across the city by the brightest and most bodacious bartending talent London has to offer.

GENUINE Liquorette can come to your office and give you a full cocktail masterclass or they can come equipped with everything they need to knock up some delicious cocktails for you. They also can come with a cool pop-up bar that suits the occasion - you name it and GENUINE Liquorette can probably find a way to do it! You can book them for your event right here on Feast It.

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GENUINE Liquorette serve from a range of pop-up bars

Estimated set-up time is 1 hour