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About the company

The Jack’s Gelato tricycle serves unbelievably good gelato and is available for private hire in Cambridgeshire and also around the country!

Jack’s Gelato attends many a private event with up to three of his vintage Pashley ice cream tricycles; from weddings, garden parties and birthdays to corporate launches and staff events. He has single-handedly served the cold stuff to happy people ranging in number from 20 to 2000.

The gelato that is served is top quality, with Jack (the founder) making all of it by hand in small batches - a huge amount of love goes into all of the gelato! All of the ingredients are sourced from the very best places - everything is organic, the coffee beans come from The Coffee Officina and he only uses Madagascan and fair trade vanilla.

If you would like this charming tricycle at your event, which also happens to serve the most delicious homemade gelato, see if Jack is available and it could all be booked in minutes!

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Other info from the supplier

Jack's Gelato serve from a 2.5m x 1.5m Tricycle

Estimated set-up time is 30 minutes